What to do when you don’t feel like creating content


There are times when you don;t feel like creating content, you can use the time to do these things that can be better for your website.

feel like creating content

It’s not something new for the people creating continuous content, things becomes monotonous after some time. You will stop getting any ideas on how to make new content or some other reason that you might not be feeling like it, If you are simply not in the mood of writing a blog post, then you should not force it. Forcing will not help you, you will not go in-depth of writing, research will also be not helpful.

There are days when you just like to sit back and do what ever you want, well even I like to take it easy sometimes. Some times I like to look at things which are not related to this topic but this help me keep in connection with the world and the things going on. I’ve seen that many of the times these things are related to my world. I like to watch YouTube videos, and I watch them a lot.

This also helps me take my mind off of out one thing, and get some time to relax too. There are many more things that i do for my blog when I’m not feeling like creating content and you can do that too.

Blogging is mainly about content creation but there are more to it then just creating posts. There are many more things that holds same importance to be successful at blogging. Even though you can have the time to browse through your social network, but even with that you can use the time to do some various important things that can help your blog to achieve new height.

feel like creating content

Ways to use time when you don’t feel like creating content.

You can use the time to do something better than just wasting it here and there, these things are going to help you use the time for making your blog better.

1. Social Promotion: Being a web content creator you must be knowing how powerful social media is, If you like to go to social media sites to spend your time when you don’t want to create content then why not share some posts. Social media promotion will help you website gain more traffic, this is also a metric used by search engines for ranking. So you have the multiple benefit, you spent your time on social media, gained traffic for your website and improved SEO.

2. Research new Blogs: When you don’t feel like reading you can use the opportunity to find new blogs on your niche. There are tons of new blogs that you can find on the internet, I’ve seen many new one posting incredible articles on their blogs. You can read them, you can even research your competition to find out what are the new things that they are introducing. Try to figure out what are they up to and what you can do to make your website shine even more.

3. Reply to comments: You can invest your time to reply to the comments, replying to comments is a nice practice that you should follow on your website. This helps in building relations with your viewers, people like to visit website more with which they feel connected to. Replying to comments can create same relation between you and your viewers. Even though you have replied to your earlier comments bet there must be some which have slipped from your eye, try to find them to reply.

4. Improve Design: Having a great design can make a huge difference in user experience, if you haven’t paid much attention to it lately then this is a web design mistake you should correct now, things are constantly changing in the world so is the design you should try to make some changes to get the design more appealing to the viewers.

5. New contacts: Making relations is key for successful blogging, this can help you gain more traffic and be in the community, This will help you get recognized, people will relate to you if your contact. You can create new connection by visiting other blogs, commenting on the work they do. If you like an article then you should give a proper reply parsing them, this will motivate them and you will build a relation.

6. Create backlinks: If you think that baklinks are long gone then you should think again. Backlinks are still a factor which can help you gain ranking and traffic. The thing is that the frequency on which they are built and it should be on the relevant niche. This will help you gain SEO ranking and this will also get you traffic. many people like to click on links to get the related information. Here’s a tip: while making backlinks you should keep a blend in dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

7. Future plans: Think about the future, If you are blogging without any plans for the future then you are riding without any destination in mind. Every big company have a long-term and short-term plan to keep their progress in mind. You should have one too, think of the new things that you can introduce and what you would like to achieve in the span of time. This will help you track the progress and if you are not up to it then you certainly need to make some changes.

8. Maintenance: You can spare some time for maintenance of your website, this is an activity that i like to do from time to tome and when i don;t feel like creating content i spend some time in maintenance, this keeps the website running at full potential and with speed.

These are the ways to keep you busy when you don’t like to create content for your website. With these you will be able to make your website shine as these are important for your website too. Investing you time doing more thing will certainly help the growth and sometimes it’s necessary to look at these things. So if you are not feeling like creating a post then use this time to do these things.

While doing these things you can get some ideas about new articles too. I myself get ample of ideas doing these things, when i get an idea i write it down immediately or save it as a quick draft so that i can make articles later on.

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