10 Tips to find the perfect domain name


Learn 10 great tips to find the perfect domain name for your website.


Ways by which you can grab a perfect domain name.

Finding a perfect domain name can be an important part for your website to be successful. We have seen  many people changing their domain name to make their website more trustworthy and advanced. They do this because they did not knew the importance of the domain name before they chose the domain name.

Some times even while knowing the importance of domain name they have to get another domain name to be successful. When flickr was launched then they liked to get flicker.com as the domain name but they were not able to get their hands on the domain name as it was pre-registered to someone else. But due to this many people went to flicker.com instead of flickr.com, so some times you need to select the right domain name.

A perfect domain name can get you more traffic, build you brand name, and get that success that you like to have.


Tips to get the perfect domain name

These are the tips that can help you to choose the right domain name for your new or existing website.

1) Generic or keyword domain name

Now before choosing a domain name you should first make a choice that whether you like to have a generic or keyword domain name, A generic domain name is not restricted to a specific category or topic, like Alexa, amazon, yahoo, even zdidit. And a keyword domain name is like TechCrunch, foodpanda, etc. You can guess by just looking at the keyword domain name that what it’s about, but it has a limitation too, you have to keep the website under the specific topic. In generic domain name you have the liberty to cover as many topics as you like and if you like you can even change the niche of your website, with a keyword domain name you can’t do that.

2) filter five keywords for domain name.

It is not necessary that the keyword you are focusing on is available, if it is then congratulations you should go ahead and register it. But in most of the cases it’s already taken, and in order to get the perfect domain name you should select the five keywords related to your niche. This will help you do a broader search to get the perfect domain name, you can even combine keywords to find it.

Using domain name suggestion tools can be of some help too, there are tools which can suggest domain names depending on the keywords you insert in them.

3) Try to go for .com

dot-comIt’s always a dot com. Most of the people assume that the domain name will be a .com and enter that with domain name before finding that it’s not a .com. Even though there are many who have .org and .net as a successful website. But even then many people try .com with their domain name before going for .net, .org or any other TLD. And mostly .com is used more than any other TLD. If you check the top 100 of Alexa rankings than you will notice that most of the website on it are .com domain names.

4) Avoid Hyphens and numbers

If you are thinking about using hyphens or numbers on your domain name then you should think again. We don’t recommend it, this is because mostly no one remember or like to enter the hyphen manually, same goes for number. If you choose to use a hyphen in your domain name and if that domain name is somehow related to another domain name then your website is bound to fail with time.

Every one like to visit buzzfeed.com but if you create buzz-feed.com or buzzfeed01.com then you will be treated as a fake and there is no way you are going to successful. We have seen some websites with numbers in them being successful but their number is quite low, so we don’t recommend you to do this.

5) Try to make it unique

Try to choose the domain name which is unique, mostly people like to choose the domain name that is mostly related to the niche, but rather than going for the traditional domain names say techwebsite, techguide, techtools, you should prefer more relevant ones, like engadget, makeuseof, digitaltrends, etc These website have made their names shine due to their uniqueness.

You should try to find the same uniqueness in your domain name too. This will help you stand out from the crowd of websites.

6) Easy to remember domain name

A perfect domain name should be easy to remember, If people can’t remember your domain name then they will not return to your website, And to be successful you need t people to be returning to your website. Having an easy to remember domain name can help you get the more traffic by mouth advertising. People tell others if they like a website, and if you have great content on your website then they like to tell other about it but if they can’t remember the name of your website the there is no way that you are getting more people coming to your website. Even when people who wants to return to your website some times can’t as they don’t remember the domain name.

7) Easy to Write

A domain name should be easy to write, most of the times having complex domain names makes users a bit aggravated. It’s been noticed that people tends to leave more when they find anything difficult even a little bit. So while choosing a perfect domain name you should note that the letters used in the name should be easy to type and approachable by hand.

8) Keep it short

You should keep it as short as possible, having a short domain name can really get many benefits while choosing a perfect domain name. Having short domain name have their own benefits, when you share your website content links on social networks having short domain name can sure help. Long domain names will take most of the space specially when the characters are limited, so you have less space for content you like to enter.

Moz changed their domain name from SEOMOZ to just Moz, due to Moz being short. Even though SEOMOZ have keyword SEO in it, but making it short was more important.

9) Check Copyrights first

You should keep in check that you are not having a domain name that have copyright infringement. Lets take an example If you want to make a website on WordPress then you can’t select the Domain name with WordPress in it. If you do then you will be doing copyright infringement, and you have to change it to something else to continue the website.

10) Helps in building Brand

You should try to build your website as a brand with your domain name, You can create a brand from just a domain name that help you get the reputation by which your website can get recognized, Say eBay have developed their brand name for selling products. If anyone says eBay you will know that it’s about selling products and their reputation is attached to it.

If you have a brand in the real world then you should consider going for it online too. This will help you to get that more reputable.

Summing it up

These are the tips by which you can get the perfect domain name for your website. Having a nice domain name can be the key to success. It can decide that your website will be success or a failure, tis is the reason that only some domain names can fetch a huge amount of money. This is how important a domain name can be. SO you should focus on choosing the perfect domain name for your website.

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