Why most blogs fail in test of time


There are some factors why bloggers fail in test of time

There are millions of blogs that exists in the world, every blog owner wants their blog to be on the top with million of viewers. This must sound familiar to you, well you are not the only one who thinks this way, in fact every blogger starts a blog with the same goal.

This is not bad if you think this way, the only bad thing is that most of the blogs fails in the test of time. Those who know keeps on upgrading themselves while keeping the consistency are the one who survives the cruel test of time.

There are reasons behind every blog which fails in test of time.

Not able to get the reward

blogs-fails-in-test-of-time-rewardAll of us wants to get reward for what we do, this is the basic human psychology when we do some work we want to be appreciated for the efforts we put in. When we fail to get the reward we get demoralized, this leads us to lose interest.

When we blog we like to get reward it can be in the form of visitors or in the shape of money from advertisement, Most of the bloggers start blogging just by the fact that there are many people who are earning millions from blogging.

Yeah blogging is that powerful, you can make millions just by blogging. Before you get excited i must tell you that there is also a fact that most of the bloggers don’t even get 1000 visitors visiting their blog each month, this is a bitter reality which is faced by many bloggers.

When we keep on doing the work for quite some time without getting result we start loosing interest in that, this is the reason I’ve seen many blogs fading after a year or so.

Loosing consistency

If you have read my earlier posts you must have realized by now that how much I emphasize on consistency. This a key to success, even after knowing this many people don’t keep consistency on their posts.

There are many blogs, to be more precise most of the blogs out there which fail in the test of time starts with great consistency. As the time passes most of these blogs starts to lose it. I’ve seen blogs with 60-70 posts per month in the starting, which gets reduced to 25-30 after about 6 – 8 months and after a year this gets reduced to 5 – 10 posts per month.

This is the pattern which leads to a blog failure, those who keeps up the consistency are the ones who shines in the blogs test of time. These are the ones who are rewarded, and becomes inspiration for us.

Not doing proper Promotion


When i started my blogging journey I knew only one thing which is content is the king, and i still believe in it. Having a great content is one of the basic need for a blog to be successful. If you don’t have great content running on your blog then your blog is bound to fail in test of time.

Even though I encourage great content I’ve seen many blogs fail in test of time while having great blog posts. This is due to lack of promotion.

Most of these bloggers spent most of their time creating content, while neglecting the promotion. Promotion is very important in making your blog post seen by many potential viewers.

If you create a great post and no one reads it, then there is no benefit in creating one. You should promote your content everywhere, there are many of you who restricts promotion to social networking like placing a link on Facebook, tweeting about or post, sometime even re-tweeting and that’s it.

This where most people goes wrong these social networking sites are limited to a set number of people who are in your friend list. The chances are that you get only a very few to read your post. This kind of promotion won’t make much of a difference.

To do blog promotion you have to make a strategy and make it a habit to spend more time in promotion then creating.

Loosing Focus

Loosing focus is one of those notorious thing which happens to most of the bloggers without them even realizing it. You must know the fact that each one of us have knowledge about many things and we are curious to write about all of them.

When we start a blog we have a niche in mind, we keep on writing on that topic. These topics are related with other topics which will lead to shift our focus to other topics.

Let me give you an example with what happened to a friend of mine. He started a blog with tech niche in mind, he’s very much into gadgets and all. After some time he started writing about gadget news, lifestyle gadgets, then later the gadgetry started loosing its place and world news and lifestyle took its place.

The reader of the blog started loosing interest, which lead to a fall in viewers count. Slowly the blogs fails in test of time, if you are writing about a particular topic then you should keep your focus set on it. Before creating a post you must think that whether this post goes with your original niche or not, if  it doesn’t then you should not write about it.

If you are still desperate to write about it then you must create a different segment for that kind of posts. If you are using WordPress then I suggest creating a different category for it.

SEO is not interesting anymore


At first every one is quite picky of about SEO, we like to spend quite some time on optimizing our posts. Keeping a check on the keywords, inserting meta data and other SEO habits were very interesting for us.

We all know that search engines can be the primary source of traffic for any website. we like to drive more traffic to our blog. This is the reason why we SEO optimize our blog posts.

As the time passes we lose interest in these kind of things, we all hate to do thing again and again. There are many bloggers who looses their interest in SEO after some time, they want traffic but least interested in doing some SEO.

When you stop doing SEO then a you won’t be able to receive traffic as there are other post who are SEO optimized, even if you have better content but with poor SEO you won’t be getting much of a traffic.

Getting to Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is another factor which can lead to blogs fail the test of time, When bloggers don’t get the result quickly then they slowly get dragged to black hat SEO. Now if you don’t know black hat SEO then i must tell you that this is a illegal ways to cheat the search engines to rank higher quickly.

There is one thing which is sure that one day you are going to get caught, this is because search engines are continuously updating their algorithm. The day you get caught all your efforts will go down the drain, Search engines will penalize you resulting in a sudden downfall in traffic, as soon as you traffic decreases your chances of making money from that blog will also disappear in thin air.

Black Hat SEO is one thing you should absolutely be away from, no matter how good you are one day you are going to get caught. Its always better to go for White hat SEO for building authority and getting continuous traffic by ranking higher.

These practice leads to the blogs fail in test of time.


These are the reasons behind most of the blogs fail in test of time. If you are a blogger then you must keep these tips in mind to survive the test of time, those who survive are rewarded heavily.

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