7 steps to get guest post accepted by pro blogs


If you haven’t realized the power of guest posting yet then you are certainly missing an important aspect of blogging. There are many bloggers who come to lime light just because of their guest posts. Well blogging is all about building relations with other bloggers, if you haven’t thought about guest posting seriously then you must be thinking that why you need it.

The thing is there are many bloggers who are now established, first ignored the power of guest posting but when they realized it then their blog reached a new height. There are some people who says that guest posting no longer holds the power it use to have, if you use guest posting ethically then it still holds a great potential to make you a pro blogger.

Earlier bloggers only saw guest posting as a source of getting backlinks for the blog, as this feature started getting abused so the search engines reduced the value guest posts. Well apart from backlinks gust posts are much more important than that.

With guest post the readers of other blog gets to know your name and the type of work you do. This helps you build the brand by your name. There are many bloggers who gains fame only by guest posting to name one you can look for Kristi Hines. With her tremendous writing skills and the habit of delivering rich content made her a star writer. She is a specialist of social networking and has earned a big name by writing for many pro blogs.


Guest posting can open many new windows by which you can make money. If you are a professional writer and after building your brand you can take freelancing projects, or you will get many offers from blogs to write for them on salary basis. It’s up to you how you take advantage of it.

As far as your blog is concerned you will get traffic from other blogs and readers that likes your work. There are some blogs which even let you place links in the post, this way you can put a link or two which leads to your blog. Always keep in mind that the link you put in should be related and useful for the readers.

So in order to get guest post accepted by pro blogs you have to follow some steps which will surely get you in there and help build your name as a brand.

7 Tips to get guest post accepted by pro blogs

These are the ethical ways to that you should follow to get guest post accepted by pro blogs.

1. Filter blogs depending on your Niche

This is the first and one of the most important step that you should be following before stepping to the world of guest posting. You may be possessing a great knowledge about various topics but you should consider guest posting about the topic related to your niche.

This will help you excel in a specific field, not only that people will take you in to notice that you are expert in a proper field. This will also help your blog is you have the blog which is on the same niche than readers will visit you blog to get more information about the topics you specialize in.

With you focusing on a specific niche you will gain much knowledge and with prior knowledge and new research you will be able to get write more in depth content which is loved by the readers. This will help you gain more trust while creating brand at the same time.

2. Read the terms where you want to Guest post.

This is one of the common mistakes that most of the new ones who want to guest post make. Most of the blogs who accept the guest post have their terms mentioned, they do this to make it clear for the guest poster that what they want.

Most of the new one ignores this and try to submit the guest post which doesn’t meetup with the guidelines of the blog where they like to guest post. This results in rejection, rejection is bad in two ways, first this will leave a bad impression on the webmasters of the blog where you want to guest post. This will show that you are not professional to submit such an article which does not meet their terms.

Second is that most people who like to guest post leaves it by getting demoralized when their post is not accepted. No one likes their work to be rejected, when someone puts in time and hardwork they want to get appreciated for it.

So before even thinking of writhing a guest post make sure to read the terms and conditions about the guest posting that the particular blog have. This will increase the chances to get guest post accepted by pro blogs.

3. Analyze their posts.

This is something that you should make a habit of checking before guest posting for a blog.

Why is this important?

To be precise every blog have it own special way of creating and presenting content. This is their USP, if you make a guest post that does not goes by the way the blog presents the content. Then your post will look out-of-place, and no pro blog will like to publish a piece of content which looks out-of-place.

This is due to the fact that when a reader enters a blog they know the rhythm of the content. The way the blog create and presents content, if they get something which looks out-of-place or don’t go by their rhythm then this can offend the readers.

Pro blog keep a sharp eye on the fact that the content should be interesting, resourceful and at the same time goes with the blogs rhythm. To get to know that you should check some of their post, this will help you to know the way they write, where you should place links, image placement, what and how you can make your post more interesting while keeping up with their rhythm.

4. Raise standards gradually.

To get guest post accepted by pro blogs you should first target the middle level blogs. If you directly hit on the pro blogs with a guest post then there is a huge chance of getting rejected. These big blogs gets tons of requests for guest posting.

So in order to make an impact you should start with middle level blogs, these middle level blogs have very less terms and mostly accepts guest posts frequently. By these guest post you will gain some trust while adding little value to your brand at the same time.

With guest posting on middle level blogs you will gain experience about writing different types of guest posts. After building some brand name you should consider making requests to pro blogs. If you are good at your work then they will certainly accepts your request for guest posting.

5. Go In-depth to add value.

As you must be knowing that no one likes read a content which does not answers to all the questions or fails to cover all the aspects of the topic. So before even writhing a guest post you should make some research about the topic and make sure to note all the points that you should be covering in the article.

These pro blogs are very strict about the content displayed on their blog, with an article they want to add value. If your content fails to deliver that richness then it’s more likely to get rejected. No one likes to read a content which is not covered in full, if you are reading a content which does not cover all the details then you will be offended. With this same experience some people even leave the blog.

No pro blog likes to lose a precious reader, readers likes to know something which is useful to them. You should try to cover all the aspects by which people can learn the many thing from it. If you add value to your content then you certainly get guest post accepted by pro blogs.

6 Comments of the Blogs you like to guest post.

This is a nice way to get noticed, when you comment of a blog on regular basis than their webmasters will take into notice that you are actively visiting their blog. With constant comments you can gain a trust of the webmasters of the pro blog, this will increase you chances to get guest post accepted by pro blogs.

While commenting you should always try to write what you exactly feel about the article. Never try to comment good things just to get your guest post accepted, pro bloggers are smart, in fact very smart. they have reached such a great height by going through many things so they know what you are up to.

Always comment what comes to your mind regardless of the fact that you want your guest post to be accepted. Webmaster loves the people who are true and say what they feel.

Genuine commenting will help you gain respect, which will help you to get guest post accepted by pro blogs.

7. Reply to your old guest posts.

You should make a habit of commenting on the guest post that you have written in the past. This is an ethical way to doing guest posting ethically. Many pf the readers have questing after reading the guest post, they like to ask it in the comment section.

If you don’t reply to them then all this will look very unprofessional, replying to them will help you gain trust of readers and webmaster.

So in this way when you submit a guest post then there are more chances to get guest post accepted by pro blogs.


These are the 7 steps to get guest post accepted by pro blogs. If your guest post does not get accepted by a blog then you should not lose hope, You should try to find out what is the problem in the content. You can even ask the webmaster that what was the problem in the content, mostly all of them will be ready to tell you.

The pro bloggers respect the fact that you have invested your precious time in writing a piece of content for them. So when you ask them that what is wrong with the article then they would be willing to help you.

After finding the mistakes you should correct them and resubmit the article. They will appreciate the fact that you took your time to make the article suitable for their blog and would love to publish it.

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