6 Essential tips to create strong password


Passwords are the key to the lock that protects our accounts. Learn the essential tips to create strong password that can stealth protect you accounts.


The 6 Essential tips to create strong password that can enhance protection.

Password are something that we use in our daily life. This is like a key to the lock that protects our account from unauthorized use, In today’s digital life there are a lot of people out there who like to get into your account. These hackers always try to guess your password or can even use a script to enter multiple passwords, you can save your account by using a strong password.

A password is like a key, simple the password weaker is the key, strong passwords make your account more secure. There are few times when we see that our account is hacked and wondered that how can this be, this can be prevented by using a strong password. With these essential tips to create strong password that can add more security to your account.

If you are a web developer like me and someone hacks in your website due to a weak password then they can deface you site, delete the work you have done etc. Even though you can get it back if you have a backup, but still that will be a pain to do all that work. Its better to protect than recover, use a strong password which is hard to hack.

How to create a strong password

There are a lot of different ways on the web that can tell you how to have a strong password, here i like to tell you the way i use to create a strong password.

  1. The password must contain at-least 8 characters.
  2. Use numbers in your password.
  3. Try to add special characters to your password.
  4. Never use common words like, your name, date of birth, dictionary words, etc in your password.
  5. Try to use Upper and lower case of alphabets.
  6. Try to use random sequence.


By following these simple tips you can create a strong password that will be really hard for anyone to hack. All these tips have some reasons behind them, using a bigger password say of 10 or 12 characters is not only harder for humans but for scripts too, Numbers make the process even more difficult. Having special characters like @#%$& etc increase security by folds. Why i say not to use name, date of birth or any dictionary words is due to the fact that in a recent survey the most common passwords are 123456,password. There are scripts which try to attack your account by using dictionary words.

We use Upper case and lower case mix only due the reason, as in computer language upper and lower case alphabets are not same, computer treats them as different elements, so C and c are different even hacking scripts have a tough time gong through all upper case and lower case alphabets.

How to remember a strong password

best-free-wordpress-login-pluginIt’s really not that hard to create a strong password but to remember it can be troublesome. Just for make it easy to remember you have to take these few thing in consideration while creating a strong password.

First you have to think of a password like for example let us take “pinboards” as a password. Now this is simple and can be found in dictionary, you can try to use a word that can not be found in dictionary.

Now After you have selected a password all you have to do is change few letters you can change:

  • Change the letter “a” to @.
  • Change the letter “o” to 0.
  • Change the letter “i” to !.
  • Change the letter “s” to $
  • If you have space in your password then fill it with & or % sign.

After this your password will look like “p!nb0@rd$”. This is a strong password but we can make it more strong by adding numbers to it.

You can choose any number you like, try to pick some number that is important to you, Try not to pick your birth date, if you still want to use it the reverse the digits. Now lets take a number 57.

Add 57 any where you think suitable in your password. Now you password will look like “p!nb0@rd$57”. This will make it more difficult.

If you have some space in two alphabets the you can add a & sign or any character you like in it. For example i like to put a space in pin and boards, the password will look like “p!n&bo@rd$57”.

At the last step you have to make some letters in uppercase and some in lower. the password will now look like “p!Nb0@Rd$57″. This is a strong password with all the necessary elements to keep hackers away from your site.

This way you can create a strong password which you can remember.

Note: Change your password periodically for security, never use same password for multiple accounts.

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