The 9 Best free captcha plugin for WordPress


The Top list of 9 free captcha plugin for WordPress to protect your Website from spammers.

When ever someone starts there blogging journey, one of the biggest problem that bloggers face is that they get a lot of spam. Spammers are always on a lookout for a blog to spam, now a days these spammers use bots to get their job done. This spamming can seriously damage the blog ranking as well as user experience.

To fight spam you have a great solution to use Captcha, until a user does not fill the captcha correctly they won’t be able to comment. There are a lot of captcha plugins which you can use to stop spamming, just to make it easy we have made a list of best free captcha plugin for WordPress.

1 – Captcha


Captcha is a popular free captcha plugin for WordPress with more than 2 million downloads, when ever we hear about captcha we think that we have to go for hard to look for letters or numbers in a picture which is kind of annoying for many users. Captcha has three basic methods for captcha functionality on your website that is add, subtract, multiply.

Thic captcha can be used for login, password request, commenting system as well as registration to keep you and your users secure.

Highlights & Features

  • More than 2 million downloads.
  • Captcha of Math.
  • Multiple use.
  • Label feature.


2 – SI Captcha Anti-spam


SI captcha anti spam plugin is a shield that protects you from lot of spam, it has a system to protect you from spam of comment, login, lost password, etc. This plugin use an image captcha to protect your from spam, It is also have a compatibility with akismet to stop spam. Additional compatibility for WP, WPMU and buddypress.

Trackbacks or pingbacks are allowed, You have the option to hide the captcha for the logged in users.

Highlights & Features

  • Access from admin panel.
  • Trackback, Pingback allowed.
  • Hide captcha for logged in users.
  • Language translation support.


3 – Sweet Captcha


Sweet captcha is a plugin which gives you a free captcha option for your website with captcha with images. This gives your users a fun way of solving a captcha, option to choose the design which is suitable to your website is there too. Multiple language support gives you an edge for having captcha in native language.

This plugin is totally compatible with all the mobile devices from iphone, ipad to android devices, so that  it looks fine for those accessing your website on handheld devices.

Highlights & Features

  • Fun, playful capcha.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Themes available.
  • Mobile support.


4 – Conditional Captcha


Conditional Captcha is a sensible plugin which knows to whom a captcha should be displayed to, if you have accepted the comment from a user then this user don’t have to fill in a captcha again. This plugin has a akismet enhanced mode in which captcha is shown only when akismet marks a comment as spam.

To make the captcha to blend in perfectly on your WordPress website, this plugin has option for styling.

Highlights & Features

  • Sensible captcha.
  • Akismet support.
  • Styling option.
  • Automatic deletion of spam.


5 – Google Captcha


Google Captcha is a plugin which gives a free captcha service to your login, password recovery and commenting system. If you trust some of your users that they never spam, than you can filter them out so that they won’t have to fill the captcha. Language support for some languages are also there.

To make the captcha look good on your website you have the option to choose a theme from 4 themes.

Highlights & Features

  • login, comment, password recovery captcha.
  • Choose safe users.
  • Themes.
  • Language support.


6 – Captcha Code


Captcha code gives an ability to add captcha to you login form, password recovery, commenting, registration form. Wit this plugin you have the option to select either capital letters, small letters or a combination of both capital and small letters. The option does not ends here you can even have alphanumeric, alphabetical or numerical ways to display your set of captcha.

For some users you have the translation facility available to make it easy for them.

Highlights & Features

  • Spam control.
  • Capital or small alphabets.
  • Numbers, alphabets or combination of both.
  • Translation feature.


7 – Key Captcha


Want to earn money while protecting your website from spam than Key captcha is the right plugin for you. With this plugin you have the option to display social or commercial adds on you captcha window. When a captcha is not entered correctly then page refresh doesn’t take place so that the users does not fill in the form repeatedly.

All the captcha goes through an initial checkup before sending the form to the servers. This also works even if you hosting provider blocks all the outgoing connection.

Highlights & Features

  • Social advertising.
  • Comercial adds.
  • Initial check.
  • Earning money from plugin.


8 – Alpha omega Captcha


AlphaOmega Captcha is one of the most interesting way of introducing captcha feature in your website, this plugin has multiple types. These types will provide various ways to stop spam from your website, this plugin also stops attacks to your admin log in area. To make it more effective it have a support for akismet.

The spam counter is a feature which helps you to monitor all the spamming activity, anti spam filter is also there to help you have a customized way of stopping spam comments.

Highlights & Features

  • Anti-spam filter.
  • Spam counter.
  • Akismet support.
  • Multiple types.


9 – Confident Captcha


Confident captcha is an image bases plugin, in this user have to click on images to make sure that they are humans not bot trying to go through to make a comment. This is a very interesting way to stop spam as a user have to click a few images in matching criteria, mobile optimization is there to make it blend perfectly on mobile devices.

If you like to earn money from it then you can have an option place advertisements along with your captcha window.

Highlights & Features

  • Image based plugin.
  • Mobile optimized..
  • Adds placement.
  • Audio option.



This is our list of best free captcha plugin for WordPress to save you from spam, every plugin has different set of features so the best one varies from website to website. If you think a plugin should be on our list then please drop us a comment and if it is suitable then we will add it to our list.

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