How to use facebook for blog promotion


Facebook is the leading social networking website in the world, most of us have an account on Facebook. What is more interesting is that you can use Facebook for blog promotion, which will help you generate some cool traffic for your website.

There are many social networking platforms which can be used for blog promotion. I’ll be only focusing on blog promotion which can be done on Facebook.

Facebook has got a few different options which will help you to do blog promotion different ways.

Like the post

like-facebook-for-blog-promotionThis is the most easy option as most of us have sharing options enabled on our blog, all you have to do is visit  your post and hit the like button. When you hit the like button the people in  your friend circle will know that you liked a post.

Liking a post is a way to tell others that you found an article interesting and recommend others to have a look at it.

If you don’t have sharing options enabled on your blog then you should do it on the priority basis. This is one of the most important things for a blog.

Sharing a blog post on Facebook for blog promotion

This is another option to do the promotion of your blog post. This will also show people in your friend list that you want to share this post with them.

Where sharing differs from like is that sharing a post will show on your timeline. If you share a post it’ll be on your timeline forever till the time you delete it or hide it from your timeline.

A like will not show on your timeline, If you are promoting your post then you should share as well as like the post.

Make a Page

Make a dedicated page on Facebook for your blog, most of the established blogs have a separate page for their website. This page will be the Identity of your blog on Facebook.

Making a page for your blog is lot more beneficial, your page has lot more infinite number of likes. This page will be known by the name of your blog rather than your own name, all the posts in it will the posted by the name of the page.

Having a Facebook Page for your blog helps you build the brand for your website, you can add a link to the Facebook page on your blog. Facebook can also mark your page as verified, but as of now you can’t request them to verify your page. It’s totally up to them when they like to authenticate your page.

As your page will grow with numbers of like that will help them to know you as a big blog and then they initiate their verification procedure, which results in getting a tick in front of the name of your Facebook page.

Paste a link of your post in status of Facebook page

When ever you make a status update on your page it will on the home page of all the people who liked your page. This is one of the proper ways of using Facebook for blog promotion.

All you have to do is copy the URL of your post to the status box and Facebook will automatically turn that into a beautiful layout of your post with thumbnails and post title and a brief overview with a link to your post.

To attract more people you can add a little description to the post, try to make the description interesting to attract more people.

Share the post from your page

You can also share the post of your page on your profile timeline. What this means is when you post something on your page then it is posted by the page, not under your own name.

You can share this from your own name, to do this you have to go to your page and then you have to switch from post as your page name to your profile name. Now you can go to the post and hit share, this make this post display on your timeline and to your friends.

This is another option to make your post reach your friend more than once but by different ways.


Promote you Facebook page

This is an indirect way of blog promotion, You can make your page reach more people by promotion. To do this you have two ways either by compelling people to like your page this is done by posting such interesting content that people like and share.

Second is you can use Facebook to promote your page, Facebook has an option to advertise your page, all you have to pay is for the likes you get. They even let you choose your budget and how much likes you will get for this money.

After a certain amount of likes you will get a decent amount of traffic on your each post from Facebook.


Using Facebook for blog promotion is a very valuable source for making your blog posts reach more people. Facebook can be a gem in creating substantial amount of traffic for your blog.

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