How to make viewers tweet your post – Pay with a tweet


Make viewers tweet your post with pay with a tweet.

Tweeter we all know this as a powerful way to share things on the social media. As a content creator we all like to use tweeter as a great way to share content with lot of users, this will generate a huge pile of traffic for you.

All you have to do is give your viewers something for the favor.

If you have something useful for them, like an e-book that can help them solve a problem or have a benefit.

All the user have to do is tweet the post in order to download the e-book. You can do this with the help of the plugin pay with a tweet.

When people tweet your content it can reach many people, and when these people find your content useful and on top of that they get the e-book or file you want to give they again tweet your post. This can create a viral effect for your content, with gaining some more viewers.

Social networks are one of the most efficient ways to get loyal viewers. Social networking sites have million of users that can become loyal viewers for your website, if they keep on finding more useful content then they will keep on coming back for more.

So to use this you have to use pay with a tweet plugin for WordPress.

Now use pay with a tweet to make viewers tweet your post

To us this plugin you first have to create a Twitter app, a twitter app will tell the plugin about your twitter account. Now that you have created a twitter app you have to copy the consumer key and secret which you have to add to the plugin configuration.

Now you have to get a plugin called pay with a tweet. With this plugin you will get the option to add files with which you can add a pay with a tweet button to your website.



Now you will have a new option of pay with a tweet button on your dashboard, under this you will have the option named upload files. This will let you upload the file which you want to give for a tweet.

After adding the file you have to go to New payment button. Under this you will have the option to add message to publish in twitter. file which you like to give and image you like to set for the button.


After creating all the functions you have to hit the create payment button. You will have the button which you can place to any page.

For placing the consumer key and secret which we have from our twitter app, you have to go to configuration and place the keys there.


This is the thing that you have to do only once after saving key and secret you just save the settings.

You are done, you have created the pay with a tweet button, To place this you can use the button shortcode anywhere you like the button to appear.

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