The 5 Best free Donation plugin for WordPress


The top list of free donation plugin for WordPress to receive payments.

There are a lot of website who work on no-profit or for a noble cause, to run a project everyone needs funds.Many of the website owners like to accept donations to fulfill their goal, many website have a set amount of funds they need for a month or in a specific period of time.

If you have a WordPress website where you want to receive donations, then you can use a plugin to have donation functionality. Choosing a right plugin can be a pain, just to make it easy for you we have sorted a list of best free Donation plugins for WordPress.

1 – Smart Donations


This is a plugin to serve all your donation needs, with this plugin you can set goal of the donation you like to receive. You can monitor the results of your donations, creation of donation forms is also there, when someone makes a successful payment then you have the option to deliver the thank you email.

It has multiple payment option on its list so that a user can pay through PayPal, Wepay etc . To make it easy for users you can use three button feature with different amounts & payment methods to make payments in one click.

Highlights & Features

  • Result monitor.
  • Thank you email feature.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • One click payment.
  • Three button option.


2 – Personal Fundraiser


Personal Fundraiser is a free donation plugin where you can involve donors as well as fans in the fund-raising process. This plugin will help you collect money from donors easily, with this plugin you don’t have to stress on the management of the plugin. All the things are taken care of automatically.

Highlights & Features

  • No need to manage.
  • Fund raising capacity.
  • Multi payment gateways.
  • donor & Fans for funds.


3 – Seamless Donations


Seamless Donations is a plugin which can be called a feature filled, you have More than PayPal as your payment options. You have the option to collect donation on the name of someone, subscription to your mailing list is also a strong feature to increase your subscribers. You have the option to receive donations repeatedly each month for a set amount.

While making the donations user have an option to remain anonymous, You can have donations anywhere with the help of short-code whether its a post or a page, you can also make it visible on sidebar.

Highlights & Features

  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Subscription list.
  • Anonymous donation feature.
  • Short-code feature.


4 – CP contact form with PayPal


CP Contact form with PayPal where you have the option to place a contact form to receive payments, these payments are processed through PayPal. When the user submits the form then the posted data is saved in WordPress database and the user is directed towards PayPal payment page. After a successful payment the Website administrator will get an email with form data where as user will get a thank you email.

All the paid and unpaid payments are displayed in the settings area of the plugin with a mark as paid or non-paid. You can export all the form data in the form of CSV/excel sheet format.

Highlights & Features

  • Emailing of form data.
  • Contact form feature.
  • Paid and unpaid notification.
  • Thank you message  for successful transaction.


5 – Donation thermometer


Donation Thermometer is a free donation plugin for WordPress which displays the classic thermometer for collection of donations. This thermometer is fully customizable form text color to fill, option to display the Goal, amount raised, percentage & the currency of your choice is there.

Donation thermometer blends into your website completely with the help of a short-code, width, height, alignment all can be altered as per needs.

Highlights & Features

  • Classic thermometer design.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Currency selection.
  • Short-code feature for embedding.



This is our list of best free donations plugin for WordPress to fulfill the noble cause. You can choose any plugin you feel fit for raising funds, every website have different needs so choose the right one depending on your features.

If you like to tell us any donation plugin which should be on our list then feel free to tell is in the comment section. if you like the work we do the please share it, sharing helps to spread the love.

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