The 7 Best free Paypal plugins for WordPress


Top list of free PayPal plugin for WordPress to receive payments.

PayPal is no doubt the famous platform to receive money anywhere in the world, now a days every big website have a PayPal payment option in their list of ways to make payments. Why PayPal so popular is because this is by far one the easiest ways to transfer money, this platform is most famous for the feature of transferring money anywhere regardless of where you live.

If you want to have payments options enabled on your WordPress website then you should make sure you have PayPal on your list. To have PayPal payment option so that your users can transfer money then you should use a PayPal plugin, There are so many plugins out there which can give your website a PayPal payment option. This can get anyone confused so to ease your search I’ve sorted the best free PayPal plugins  for WordPress.

1 – WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart


WordPress Simple PayPal shopping cart plugin is a simple to use plugin which adds the cart functionality to your website. With this plugin you can place an add to cart button to the products on your posts or pages. This plugin makes your simple WordPress blog into a powerful e-commerce store from where you can sell products and receive money through PayPal.

This plugin is has the amazing feature of displaying coupons on your website, you can set an expiry date on the coupons that you display.

Highlights & Features

  • Add to cart button.
  • Sell products or services.
  • Currency selection.
  • Sale notification email.


2 – WordPress ultra simple PayPal shopping cart


WordPress ultra simple PayPal shopping cart is indeed a super plugin to add the Payment functionality to your WordPress website, this lets you have an “add to cart” button which you can add anywhere on your website to sell a product or service. To receive payments you can place payment option on the sidebar of the website too.

With this plugin you have the option to change the style of the add to cart button by using CSS, when the item is added to cart then the user have the option to view cart and remove the item they don’t want. IF you like then you can add a form using the 3 stage process for more information.

Highlights & Features

  • Cart functionality.
  • Short-code feature.
  • Theme’s for styling.
  • Sandbox for testing.


3 – WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept


With WP Easy PayPal payment accept you have an option to accept payment for a service or a product that you like to sell on your website. Widget option of the plugin will help you place payment option in the sidebar, apart from sidebar you can have payment options in posts or pages as required.

Payment button can be added anywhere on the website with the help of a short-code, with the customizable currency in which you like to receive payment.

Highlights & Features

  • Multiple payment widget.
  • Short-code feature.
  • Donation option.
  • Currency selection.


4 – CP Contact form with PayPal


CP Contact form with PayPal is a plugin which will help you to place contact form in your WordPress website, this contact form has a feature to accept payment through PayPal. Once a user makes a payment then the administrator will receive an email which is filled by the administrator, this email is filled by the form data filled by user.

All the paid and unpaid payments are shown in admin area which is filled in contact form. After a successful payment user gets a thank you message.

Highlights & Features

  • Contact form.
  • Email of form data.
  • Paid and unpaid notification.
  • Thank you message.


5 – PayPal Pay Now, Buy Now, Donation and Cart Buttons Shortcode


This is easy way to place a buy now, pay now, donation or add to cart button anywhere on your website with the help of a short-code, You can add a checkout page which can be further customized, you can change the header logo, page color etc depending on your preference.

You can set a thank you page just as an appreciation after a users successful payment. If you are selling a product then you can add a field of shipping & handling charges.

Highlights & Features

  • Use of short-code.
  • Four types of buttons.
  • Thank you page.
  • Customizable PayPal Checkout page


6 – Multi Currency PayPal Donations


Multi-currency PayPal donations which is used by those who have a PayPal account which can take payments in multiple currencies. It helps you to receive payments in different currencies directly to your PayPal account. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account which has the ability to receive payments in multiple currencies, still you can use this plugin to accept donations for a noble cause.

Highlights & Features

  • Mult-currency payments.
  • Simple features.
  • Donation feature.
  • Nice design


7 – Easy PayPal Custom Fields


Easy PayPal custom Fields is a free PayPal plugin for WordPress which can easily add a button to make payments through PayPal, there is no short-code in this plugin which you have to remember. You just have to select the posts or pages on which you would like to display the posts.

In the settings page you can set the default username and the currency type, which can be customized by individual post.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy to use.
  • can set default currency.
  • Customized by individual post.
  • Username is converted to HTML.



This our list of best free PayPal plugins for WordPress to receive payments easily, if you know about any PayPal plugin which should be on our list then do tell us in comment section. We would also like to hear about your thoughts about the work we do.

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