4 Best free WordPress 404 plugins


There are times when you get an 404 page not found error on your website. To make it easy to track the 404 pages check our 4 Best free WordPress 404 plugins



List of best free 404 Plugins for WordPress

Every now and then your viewers get a 404 page not found error. This can be due to various reasons, either you have a broken link or you the user is trying to alter the URL which results in g4 Best free WordPress 404 plugin setting a 404 page not found error. You can keep a check on your 404 error to help SEO of your blog, Broken kinks are certainly not good for your website.

You can achieve this by using plugins for WordPress, Check the list of best free WordPress 404 plugins to enhance the functionality of your 404 page.

1 – Redirection


Even thought this is a redirection plugin, it has all the features that a 404 plugin should have. You can keep a track of your 404 errors, you can even redirect them to where you want. You can redirect the person getting a 404 page to any where you like either on your website or some other.

This is a popular plugin this is also on our list of our best free redirection plugins for WordPress.

Highlights & Features:

  • Track of 404 error.
  • Works on all URLs.
  • Full log of report
  • Redirect 404 to other websites.


2 – 404 Notifier


This is a very easy to use light weight plugin which will take care of your 404 need, this is especially helpful in tying those loose ends while shifting your website. When you move your website then you are bound to have some broken URLs, this plugin will take a notice of it, so that you can make a fix.

Highlights & Features

  • easy to use.
  • Light weight plugin.
  • Finds broken URLs.
  • Benefits while shifting site.


3 – AskApache Google 404


Ask Apache Google 404 is a WordPress plugin which takes Google ranking in consideration. As you know that search engines hates broken links, this plugin uses Ajax which will help you to spot those 404 errors and correct them instantly. This plugin by default will show results for Google search for images, news, blogs, videos, web, custom search engine.

Highlights & Features.

  • SEO optimized.
  • Use Ajax.
  • Shows results for Google search.
  • Helps to Increase ranking.


4 – 401 to 301


you can guess the functioning of the plugin with the name all the 404 to 301, all the 404 errors URLs will be redirected to any other link. This plugin will make a redirect of 301 which will tell the search engines that the page has shifted to a new location permanently.

This plugin uses very fewer resources while working.

Highlights & Features

  • Make a 301 redirect.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Use redirect 301,302,307.
  • Light weight



This is the list of best free WordPress 404 plugins which will save you from loosing any rank due to a 404 error. If you know any plugin which should be on our list then you can drop us a comment in the section below.

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