9 Best free WordPress pagination Plugin


Pagination will increase user experience, it’s good for SEO too. Check the list of Best free WordPress pagination Plugin to get your content paginated.


list of Best free pagination Plugins for WordPress.

This is something which every blogger should focus on, Pagination is showing posts on the page basis. WordPress posts are listed in hierarchical way, even though you have the option like older posts and newer posts but it lacks the feature of displaying post on page basis with numbers.

With pagination user can go to page 6 or 8 at once, rather than going back page by page user can easily navigate. It’s Good for SEO too, Search engines love pagination, its easy for bots to crawl posts with well paginated website. You can achieve pagination with the use of our list of best free pagination plugins for WordPress.

1 – WP Page Navi


WP Page navi is a popular pagination plugin which will let your users to navigate to pages with an ease. This plugin will replace your ← older posts|Newer posts → with the numbered pages. This takes very low resources so that page speed of your website will keep intact.

This plugin is compatible with most of the themes available out there..

Highlights & Features

  • Simple Pagination.
  • Use less resources.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Extremely popular.


2 – WP Paginate


This plugin is a nice way to have the pagination functionality on your WordPress website, with this plugin you can add the pagination with the numbers that have starting page numbers middle page numbers and the ending page numbers.

With this plugin you can even add pagination to post comments this will reduce the page load.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy pagination.
  • Comments pagination.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Nice user experience.


3 – Simple Pagination


Simple pagination is a plugin which will let you have the pagination for both your posts as well as your comments. As the name suggests this plugin is really simple to use, You can even match the style of the pagination to the theme of your blog with the use of style sheets.

There are 6 style sheets available to match you website. Translation is available in two languages.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy pagination.
  • Comments pagination.
  • Style sheets for different display types.
  • 6 types for style sheets available


4 – Page Links Plus


Page links plus is a plugin which serves the function of adding pagination feature to the post, there are times when your post gets so big that you want to break it into parts. Here comes the use of page links plus, this will make your posts paginated while showing a link naming single post to view complete post.

There are tons of settings available there to get the desired results for your post.

Highlights & Features

  • paginate posts & pages.
  • Option to view full post..
  • Lot of settings.
  • Pro version available.


5 – Alphabetic Pagination


Alphabetic pagination will paginate the posts and pages of your website in alphabetic order, if you sell products on your WordPress website then this plugin will do wonders, it will paginate all your WooCommerce products in alphabetic order.

It can be implemented anywhere on your website with the help of a shortcode.

Highlights & Features

  • Alphabetic pagination.
  • Woo commerce support.
  • Place anywhere with a Short code.
  • Can List users Alphabetically.


6 – Gallery Pagination for WordPress

Gallery pagination-wordpress-plugin

Gallery pagination for WordPress will help you pagination the galleries of your WordPress website. This plugin will paginate the total number of images in a gallery in numerical basis. This will help user to go to any image directly without having to scroll back and forth one by one.

CDN support is there to help you make the galleries images SEO friendly. Caching is also there to reduce page load. ajax is there to make changes without the need to reload the page.

Highlights & Features

  • Gallery feature.
  • CDN support,
  • SEO friendly.
  • Caching is present.


7 – Advanced Post Pagination


Advanced Post Pagination will paginate your posts, if your making a big post then you can split it into multiple pages with this plugin. You are not stuck with the usual numerical buttons, with this plugin you can put text and numbers in the buttons. You use the short code to paginate the way you like.

The Ajax will help you go to section without the need of reloading the whole page.

Highlights & Feature

  • Split single post.
  • Text and images in buttons.
  • Short codes feature.
  • Ajax feature.


8 – WP Smart Pagination


WP smart pagination is indeed a smart way to display posts in a paginated manner, along with a box in which you can enter the number of page you like to visit on one go. This is very useful if you have a lot of posts on your website its difficult for users to go to page which is very far away like say you have 4000 pages of posts and user want to go to 2555 page the this plugin can be a gem.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy Pagination.
  • Box for direct pagination.
  • Matches theme.
  • Modification of styles.


9 – jPages Pagination For WordPress


This is a jQuery plugin which is inspired by jPages, with the help of this plugin you can easily paginate your galleries and comments. This is a fully responsive plugin which will paginate content for all kind of devices with different screen size. A small sized plugin which will easily integrate pagination with jQuery.

All the major browser are supported by this plugin so that your viewers don’t have a problem in viewing paginated content.

Highlights & Features

  • Uses jQuery.
  • Responsive.
  • Support for major browsers.
  • Easy integration.



This is the list of best free WordPress pagination plugins, which can help you paginate your website the best way possible. All the plugins have different features so choose the one which is best suited for your website.

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