The 5 Best free WordPress poll plugin


List of 5 top free WordPress poll plugin to get the opinion of the users

Polls are an interesting way of getting to know the user opinion, polls also helps website user an experience that they are a part of it. Polls can be beneficial to a website in many ways, if you want to ask a question or have some idea in your mind but want to know that whether people would like it or not, then a poll can be a huge help in taking that decision.

Running a poll on your blog can be easily achieved with the help a WordPress poll plugin, as per today there is lot of plugins for WordPress that can be used to run polls on your website. To solve this problem we have tried and tested many poll plugins and shortlisted the best among the free WordPress poll plugin.

1 – WP-Polls


Wp Polls is a free WordPress poll plugin with a simple layout, this plugin uses Ajax poll system on your WordPress website. With this plugin you can embed a poll anywhere from post to page, this plugin is very customizable that you can change the look of the polls by the use of template or changing the css structure.

Now the polls which is created by the use of this plugin can have multiple answers, this will help to know more than one best answer which will help a lot.

Highlights & Features

  • Ajax poll system
  • Use of template
  • CSS to change style.
  • Multiple Answers.


2 – PollDaddy polls & Ratings


PollDaddy polls  Ratings plugin which will help you create, manage and rate polls from within the WordPress dashboard. There are 20 different types of polls available you can choose from while creating a poll, you can select a closing date for your poll to close. Multiple answers feature is also featured with option to display result publicly or to make it private.

You can also embed the poll you create on other websites, these polls can have custom style. You can create unlimited polls as well as have unlimited results.

Highlights & Features

  • Widget functionality.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Unlimited polls
  • Multiple answers.
  • styling option.


3 – YOP Polls


YOP Poll is a free WordPress Poll plugin which is one of those plugins which says that they have taken care of all the things needed for creating a poll. You can access the poll options from the WordPress dashboard. This plugin will help you to take care of all the minor details that should be accounted.

With this plugin you can have single or multiple answers, you have the benefit of having multiple options to make the setting according to your choice to fill the information in you poll.

Highlights & Features

  • Poll scheduling
  • Reset stats
  • Templates option.
  • Multiple answers.
  • Display options for horizontal, vertical, tabulated form.


4 – Opinion Stage poll


Polls by Opinionstage is a plugin which takes care of polls in an elaborated form. There are so much options available in this plugin that you can make a poll with lot of different ways. This plugin integrates with your social media option by which helps users to make a selection with their social media account.

With all the major features like multiple answers, access with dashboard, etc you can also view the social profiles of the poll participants. You can also filter the result by different types such as location, gender, time-frame,etc.

Highlights & Features

  • Manage polls from Dashboard.
  • Social media integration.
  • Customization of polls.
  • Traffic from social media.
  • Easy creation of polls.


5 – Colored Vote Polls


Colored vote poll is a free WordPress poll plugin which gives you a liberty to use different colors for different set of answers. Answering a poll can be made mandatory according to you wish,  then a poll can be placed anywhere in post or page with the help of a short-code. This plugin is one of the easiest to set up, use of this plugin is simple too.

You can have as many questions as well as answers in your polls as you want. The feature of controlling poll participation by IP, cookie, user can really be helpful to stop poll spamming.

Highlights & Features

  • Infinite questions and answers.
  • Control votes by IP, Cookie , users.
  • Easy to use.
  • Styling of polls.



This is the List of best free WordPress poll plugin which will take care of all your polling needs. All the plugins have different have different features, so you have to choose the best one depending on your preference.

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