The 5 Best Free Role Manager Plugins for wordpress


The list of Top free role manager plugins for WordPress.

There comes the time when you have many people working on for your website, this is a good thing that you are growing. With this growth there comes the a responsibility of assigning different roles to different people who are working on your website. For every website who have more than one person working on it needs a role manager plugin. Even though the role feature was added in WordPress 2.6.x and above, still these role manager plugins does the job more easily and in a refined way.

To make this job easier you have to use a role manager plugin for WordPress to assign different roles to the  different person according to the job they have to do. Like you can assign author, editor, administrator etc very easily by using a role manager plugin. There are a lot of role manager plugins for WordPress out there, that’s why we created a list of best free role manager plugins for WordPress.

1 – User Role Editor


User role editor is one of the best among the list of best free role manager plugins for WordPress. This plugin has more than a million downloads on it count. This is one of the easiest to use too, you can change the role of any one with just a few clicks, except the administrator. Assigning a role is easy and can be obtained with just a few clicks. You can also change the default role of every new user that is created, this plugin also includes the feature adds new capability or to remove an existing one.

  • Easy to use.
  • Can change the default role.
  • Ability to add or remove capabilities.
  • Multi site support.


2 – Advanced Access Manager


Advanced Access Manager is a role manager plugin for WordPress which helps you give access to different pats of the website to different users. You can also restrict users on the basis of categories too. If you have a website where you have different people managing different posts and categories then you can restrict people from other categories to interfere in their work. Media files can also be customized for different users, this plugin gives you a complete control over you website as to which user can access which part. This plugin also has a multi-site feature.

  • Restriction on category, post, page option.
  • Customized control over media files.
  • Track user activity.
  • Multisite feature


3 – Role Scoper


Role scooper is one of the free role manager plugin for WordPress which will give you power to assign roles and restrictions to the users.This plugin will not change the core roles that you assigned, the role is altered only when you like to change it. You can add special permission to a user to read or edit a specific content.

You can assign roles to users by pages, categories and posts, with this plugin you also have a power to assign user a role for a limited period of time.

  • Assign role for posts, categories, pages etc.
  • Roles can be time bounded.
  • Ability to change roles.
  • Hide post or pages.
  • Customize hidden post.


4 –   Member


Member is a popular one among the role manager plugins for WordPress, this is a plugin that is simple to use. you can Add, edit or delete roles  as per your choice, it also gives you a choice of choosing that which user have access to which post. The widget option can let you have a login form on the sidebar of your website.

Where this plug stand out is that you can use short codes to control access to the content. you can make your website Private by the private site feature, this will also restrict the RSS feed.

  • Roles can be managed by creating, editing and deletion.
  • Content permissions can be added.
  • Widget for login form.
  • Short codes for to control access.
  • Make your site private.


5 – Press Permit Core


Press Permit Core is a successor of Role scoper, it has all the functionality of role scoper. This plugin is added with even more features, apart from features of role scoper, press permit has an ability to assign supplemental roles and exceptions to custom posts. Restrict or permit access to the posts by use of terms.

With this plugin you can limit the role by date, you also grant a multi step moderation to have different set of access to moderators.

  • Supplemental roles to users.
  • Use of terms for access.
  • Multi step moderation.
  • Limit access by Date.
  • bbpress forum permissions.



Having a role manager plugin for WordPress website make a huge difference if you have many people on your blog. Restriction of people to different areas of website will give you lot of control over your content visibility. You can choose any of the list of best free role manager plugin for WordPress, make sure not to use more than one plugin at a time.

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