4 Best free custom 404 Pages Plugins for WordPress


Like to make 404 page lively that suits your blog design than creating a custom 404 page can help. Check our list of best free custom 404 page plugin for WordPress to create 404 page easily


List of best free custom 404 Pages Plugins for WordPress

There are times when we have a 404 error on our website, even though we don’t like it but we can’t help it. Some times people like to make changes with the URL, which results in a 404 error. When there is a page not found error then you can gain a pile of useful data out of it.

You must have seen that some websites have their own custom 404 page, this is great for user experience as well as in terms of SEO. Yes SEO, Google loves a custom 404 page read more about it HERE, this gives a personalized touch of your blog design. You can choose to code your 404 page but if you don’t know how to code, don’t worry you can still have a personalized custom 404 page for your WordPress website by a 404 page plugin. To make it easy for you we created a list of best free WordPress 404 pages plugin.

1 – Custom 404 Error Page


Now with the help of custom 404 error page, which is one of the powerful 404 page plugin for WordPress. You can set your own customized 404 error page which tells your taste, You can customize the background, text, color of the font, style of the page.

This is a very light weight plugin which will take very less resources to create the 404 page of your choice.

Highlights & Features

  • light weight.
  • Customizing tools.
  • Choose own background.
  • Styling options.


2 – Custom Error Page


As the name suggest this plugin is to build your very own custom error pages that goes with your blog design. Even though this plugin will take care of the custom design for your 404 page, perhaps you would like to have a custom 401 and 403 pages too. Then this plugin will get you covered for that,

You won’t have to deal with any code in order to create a custom error page.

Highlights & Features

  • Custom 404 page.
  • Create 401 & 403 pages too.
  • No Coding.
  • Customization tools.


3 – 404 Page


If you are the one who like to change the theme of your blog frequently then you should use this plugin, this plugin will not change any code of your theme, so if you change the theme of your blog then the 404 page will still be the same. You can create your custom 404 page like any other page.

You can make any page your 404 by just selecting it from the settings section.

Highlights & Features

  • Theme independent.
  • Create 404 page like normal page.
  • No programing required.
  • Make any page your 404 page.


4 – Genesis 404 Page


If you are using genesis framework on your WordPress website then this plugin will help to make customized 404 page of genesis. Genesis is one of the most popular framework for a website, many blogs like to use genesis for the speed and customization.

Genesis already have a 404 page, this plugin will unhook that and replace it with your customized 404 page.

Highlights & Features

  • Custom 404 for genesis framework.
  • Unhooks original 404 page.
  • Short code for search button.
  • Separate tab for 404 page.



This is our list of best free custom 404 page plugins for WordPress with which you can create the 404 page with a professional touch that suits your blog. We would like to hear which plugin you like the best from the list, or if you like to tell us any other plugin which should be on our list, use the comment section below to drop us a comment.

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1 thought on “4 Best free custom 404 Pages Plugins for WordPress

  1. That’s an useful list!

    I particularly like “Redirection” plugin, I’m using it right now at my main blog.
    I love the “log” option, it makes me monitor a lot of data about my 404 error page.

    Thanks for sharing.

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