The 5 Best Free WordPress Redirection Plugins


List of Top free redirection plugin for WordPress

There are many chances when you have to shift content from one URL to another, this can be in case when you move content from one domain name to another. After moving your content you lose lot of links that are directed toward your blog, it’s not possible to tell every other blog to change the link. It can be a pain for you as well as for other blogger, rather than troubling them you can simply redirect the user coming from that link to the new URL.

Redirection is Also helpful for SEO purpose, Search engines hates broken links. If your link error rate is high then search engines looses trust in your website which results in loosing ranking. To help you to easily redirect your old link to new one you can use a redirection plugin, Just to save you time searching for a redirection plugin we’ve created a list of best free WordPress redirection plugin.

1 – Redirection


Redirection is one of the most popular plugin used for redirection of old URL to new one. With this redirection plugin you can use a 301 redirect to divert Users from one URL to another. Management of 301 redirects are also there, for the errors like 404 there is also a feature to keep track of it without having the knowledge of .htaccess or apache.

There will be a full log report for all the redirection that you have on your website.

Highlights & Features.

  • 301 redirect.
  • Track of 404 error.
  • Full log of report.
  • Works on all URLs.


2 – Quick page/post Redirect plugin


With the use of Quick page/post redirect plugin you can redirect post or page to another page/post or even to an external URL. You even get an edit box feature with global options to make changes to the redirects you do. You can set a redirect page or menu link of the redirect.

While adding a redirection you can make a link no-follow so that search engines don’t index them, this can be useful for affiliate links.

Highlights & Features

  • Quick Redirect post or page.
  • Can Redirect to external source.
  • Edit box with global options.
  • Can make a link no-follow.


3 – Simple 301 redirects


Simple 301 redirects gives you an easy option to redirect a page or post to another post or page, redirects are even possible for external websites.  If you are migrating your site then this plugin can become really handy, When you redirect a page or post to a new URL, the page rank will also transfer along with the redirection.

With the transfer of page rank your can save your blog loosing its position in search ranking, this means all your traffic will keep coming from search engines.

Highlight & Features

  • Redirection of post and pages.
  • Redirect to external links.
  • Helpful in website migration.
  • Transfer of page rank.


4 – Safe Redirect Manager


Safe redirect plugin is a safe and easy way to manage your HTTP redirects, with this plugin you get a very easy to use UI(user interface) which would help you to redirect to new location with the HTTP status codes of your choice.  This plugin has a mult-site support by which you can use it with multiple website.

This plugin uses a safe function which is wp_safe_redirect which will only allow you to redirect only to the host in the white list.

Highlights & Features

  • Manage HTTP redirects.
  • Easy to use UI.
  • Multi-site support.
  • Safe redirect function.


5 – SEO Redirection Plugin


As the name suggests SEO redirection plugin for WordPress takes care of SEO along with redirects. redirects like 301, 302, 307 can be easily created and managed by this plugin, you can even make redirect a  wild card redirect. Where this plugin stands out is that this plugin can redirect folders & all it’s contents, you can handle the redirects of post or page directly from edit page.

You can monitor & redirect 404 error page, you can even redirect 404 error page to your homepage or any page you like. With Advance control panel you have a full hold over how the plugin should perform.

Highlights & Features

  • All type of redirects.
  • Redirects folders & content.
  • Advance control panel.
  • Monitor & redirect 404 error page.



This is the List of best free WordPress redirection plugins to save you from loosing traffic and page rank. Keep in mind that every plugin is different, We’ve made this best list biased on features, speed, popularity and much more. You should choose the one which you this is best suited for you website.

We would like to hear that which plugin you like or use, to tell us you can drop a comment in the section bellow.

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