The 5 Best free WordPress archive plugins


The List of Best free Archive plugins for WordPress.

Archives can be very useful for your blog. this gives your viewers a detailed view about all your posts and when they got published. By default in WordPress Have a set way of displaying the archives, which gets long as you keeps on adding posts to your blog. As the time passes the list of archive grows, when you place such an archive in sidebar or widget then it takes a lot of space.

To add the features to your archives you need a plugin, with the use of plugin you can even display the Archives the way you like. There are tons of WordPress Archives plugins out there, from them we have chosen the list of 5 best free WordPress archive plugins.

1 – Snazzy Archives


This is one of the popular archives plugin for WordPress, with snazzy archives you have a visualized way of displaying archives. This visualization makes your archives interesting, You can try different styles and special effects which can give your archive the look which goes with your blog design.

Highlights & Features

  • Visual presentation.
  • Feature filled.
  • Various HTML & CSS layout.
  • Caching feature.


2 – Smart Archives Reloaded


Smart archives Reloaded lets you group the posts of your blog on yearly and monthly format. With this plugin you can make your archive more interesting with navigation elements. This is a light weight plugin which takes very fewer resources resulting in having less page load, with customization option you can make your archives the way you like.

Highlights & Features

  • Archives on Yearly & Monthly basis.
  • Navigation elements.
  • Light Weight.
  • Customization option.


3 – Collapsing Archives


Collapsing Archive is a plugin which can saves lot of space by adding a collapsible feature to your archive, You can make your archive collapsible on Year and month basis. This is really helpful if you like to display you archives in sidebar, you can save a lot of valuable space in your sidebar.

Highlights & Features

  • Collapsing Archive feature.
  • Year & Month collapsing.
  • Save sidebar space.
  • Uses jQuery.


4 – Simple Yearly Archive


As you can guess from the name that this plugin simply displays the archive of your blog on yearly basis. With this plugin you can also restrict the output to certain categories. There is a multiple language support that lets users of different languages take advantage of this plugin.

Highlights & Features

  • Yearly Archive.
  • Simple to use.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Restrict output to certain categories.


5 -Annual Archive


Annual Archive is a free WordPress archive plugin which has ample of features to customize your archives the way you like. With the use of Archive widget to allow daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, post by post and alpha archives to be displayed. you can display your archive anywhere with the help of short-code.

This plugin has translation support for all the languages.

Highlights & Features

  • Feature filled.
  • Short-code option.
  • Sidebar widget.
  • All language support.



This is the list of best free WordPress Archive plugins, We choose the plugins based on the many different aspects. So you should choose the plugin which you thing is best suited for your website. You can share you thoughts or simply tell us which plugin you like in the comment section bellow.

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