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As I’ve discussed many times earlier that page load time hold an important place in the SEO world. If your website take more time to load then it’ll have a bad effect of SEO ranking. There are few posts where I’ve written about how to make your website reduce page load, about optimizing images and using various techniques to make your website gain speed.

These are the posts which will help you to reduce the page load but the question arises that how you will be able to check website speed. There are quite a few online tools to check website speed but we have shortlisted 4 most reliable online tools to check the speed of your website. These tolls will detect the speed of your website and will also suggest that what changes should be made to make your website fast.

1. Pingdom

pingdom online tools to check website speedThis is an interesting tool which will give you a graphical result displaying the amount of time consumed by a particular element while loading the page. When you receive the result then you will see a top bar which will give you an idea about the rank, number of requests sent, page load time and total size of page.

For details you can look at the waterfall and performance Grade which will help you to know that which are the elements that have an impact on the page load. You can simple take measures to fix them making your website speedy.

You can even look at the page analysis which will help you to note the request analysis , load time analysis, size analysis.

Pingdom Tools

2. GT Metrix

gtmetrix online tools to check website speedThis is one of the advance online tool to check website speed, with GT metrix you have the detaild reports on every factor and their grades. With GTmetrix you have the option of YSlow which will tell you that which are the things that you should do to get a great page load time.

With all these suggestions you will get the grade and priority which you give you some idea that which are the most important things that you should take care of.

If you like to have a continuous look on your website speed, then you should consider installing GTmetrix WordPress plugin. You can download it from <HERE>


3. Web Page Test

webpagetest online tools to check website speedThis is a bit different form other online tools to check website speed, what makes it different is the fact that this tool will let you choose the location and the browser type from which you like to perform the test. You can even select the browser on popular device platform for which you would like to make the test.

When you get the result then you will see the result for different elements with grades from A to F where F is the least grade. There are different graphs which will help you to find about the characteristic of different elements on the web page.


4. Google Page Speed

google-pagespeed-insights online tools to check website speedThis is one way you can highly trust as the tool is by Google then you can know that you will get the result which will be considered by Google. If you have a good rank then you are going to do good in search results of Google. You simply have to put in your website URL and hit analyze.

The results will show you the scores which is out of 100, the higher the score the better is page loading time. With this you will see some suggestions made by the tool to reduce the load. This will help you rank better in Google search.

Nothing can be better than having Google suggest that what you should do to make your website fast. After fixing the issues you should check the score again.

With this tool you will get the speed analysis for both desktop and for mobile devices. You will get different scores for both devices.

PageSpeed Insight


With the help of these tools you can get to know the page load of your website. And the corrective measure that you have to take in order to make your website fast. As page load is an important SEO factor then you will be able to perform better in the world of search engine ranking.

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