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Have you ever wondered and somehow wanted to Learn how to change the size of font in WordPress


Recently in one of our article we just needed to change the font size of a specific area. Then we found that this is one problem that is faced by many people on the web development. There are times when we like to change the text size without messing up with the code on our WordPress website.

This have a simple solution if you have all set in your WordPress theme that you don’t feel a need to change the font size of the whole website then you just have an option to alter the font size of just specific area. For this we have got you two ways one with plugin and one without it. This is because some people just have to do it once on a specific area of text and so don’t what to install a plugin for this purpose.

We are not going to include the way in which you can change the text size by changing it to headings like H1 H2 H3 — H6 this is easy to do but adding heading tags unnecessarily can do SEO damage too. so we would give you ways by which you can increase or decrease the font size without heading tags. Now lets begin with the tutorial.

Learn how to change the size of font in WordPress – With and without plugin.

First we are going to go ahead with the method which involves installing a plugin. We chose this method to be first as this one is easy to use and does not involve any coding. So let’s get on with it.

Change font size with the help of a plugin.

For this first you have to install a plugin named tiny MCE Advanced. After installing you have to head for settings»tiny MCE

Advanced, here you will find the window like the image below. you have to drag font size to the column that is blank.


Now that you have dragged the font size tab to the blank column now you have to hit save. This will add an additional menu item in your visual editor.

After this when you go to your post editing in the visual editor then you will get an additional field where you can select the font size. To change the size of font of a specific text area you simply have to select it and select the size from the drop down menu of font size tab. Just like below.

tiny-mce-advanced font edit

This is it when you publish the post then you will see that the text that you have edited the size of will be the way you like it to be.

Tip: Tiny MCE advanced is more than just font size editor. it will help you perform much more tasks, just head to the setting of the plugin and you can add tons of functionality to your WordPress website.

Changing the font size without the use of a plugin

Now this will involve the coding feature, lets begin by understanding the font basic styling the font basic size can be styled as

Font Size Example – xx-small

Font size Example – x-small

Font Size Example – small

Font Size Example – medium

Font Size Example – large

Font Size Example – x-large

Font Size Example – xx-large

Font Size Example – 18pt

Font Size Example – 24pt

This is the basic size styling for the fonts that you can do without any plugin.

<span style="font-size: large;">SAMPLE TEXT HERE</span>

You can also put

<span style="font-size: 18pt;">SAMPLE TEXT HERE</span>

Basics of the font size editing is this and you have to use this code to edit the font size of your specific text in WordPress. This the HTML code which can be use on any website as an html code. For WordPress we are going to put this code in the text editor.

When you head to the post editing and if you are on the visual editor then you have to go to the text editor and put the code the following way so that you can change the size of a specific text.

font size-editing

When you place the code you simply have to change the size that you want to put in and you also have to place the text you like in the sample text area.


Even though the first one involves the plugin but we still do prefer it as it adds little to no burden on your page load time and even when you remove the plugin even then you will still have the font size remain the way you placed it. So these are the ways by which you can change the font size of your WordPress test easily while being effective.

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