The 5 best free syntax highlighter plugin for wordpress


Displaying code in WordPress is a tough job to do, when you use WordPress CMS then you would face a problem to embed code on your blog post. The problem is that WordPress by default changes the HTML code, This gives trouble to those who like to display HTML code in their blog posts these are mainly developers and bloggers with niche related to programing like mine. i sometimes have to display codes to teach my users about editing and implementing certain HTML code to get the desired result.

To do this we have to install certain plugin to get the functionality of displaying the code in WordPress post. There are so many plugins to display the code in your post, so we compiled the list of best free syntax highlighter plugin for WordPress.


1 – Crayon Syntax Highlighter


Crayon Syntax Highlighter is the best way to display code, that to in a colorful way. As the name suggest this plugin gives a colorful look to the code you want to display. Crayon Syntax Highlighter helps user to understand code clearly as it gives different color to different attributes of the code. This also shows the code with the line number to show the length of code.

  • Line wrapping
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Change fonts
  • supports pop-up in new window


2 – Syntax Highlighter Evolved


Syntax Highlighter Evolved is one of the best and very light plugin to display codes in your WordPress post. This plugin only does what this is intended to do that is to display codes nothing more nothing less. This plugin also have line numbers to determine the length of the code.

  • Simple to use
  • Light weight
  • Displays line number


3 – Advanced Code Editor


Advanced code editor is a syntax highlighter which has 11 themes to choose your layout. This plugin supports languages like PHP, HTML, CSS , JavaScript. This plugin also lets you show the source code with its source code editor. This plugin also has an auto complete feature which coves 3500 WordPress functions.

  • Themes for elegant looks
  • Auto-complete feature
  • Search and Replace.
  • Multiple language support.


4 – WP Syntax


Wp syntax is a plugin which gives a clean look to the code you want to display. This plugin gives you liberty to choose whether you want to display line numbers or not. WP Syntax supports all the major languages that are used to code, this plugin avoids the conflicts with the most of the third-party plugins.

  • Clean Look
  • Freedom to display line numbers or not.
  • Supports major languages
  • Avoids conflicts with other third-party plugins


5 – Fv Code Highlighter

fv-code-highlighter-best-free-syntax-highligher-pluginFv code highlighter is for those who like to code in color, this plugin used the color pattern same as Adobe Dreamweaver. If you work on Dreamweaver then this plugin will give you a sense of familiarity while using this plugin. This plugin also supports many languages like php, JavaScript, CSS, HTML XML, XHTML. You can change the color scheme of the code you write by making changes in CSS of the plugin.

  • Colors like Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Ability to change color scheme by CSS.



These are the best free syntax highlighter plugin for WordPress we like If you want to add to the list or simply want to tell us which syntax highlighter plugin you like to use. You can use the comment section below to tell us.

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