The 6 Best free membership plugin for wordpress


If you have content that you think can be beneficial for your audience, like you have some tutorials, premium stuff that people will like to see, exclusive content that only your website have. Then you can have your own members of your website that can view this content. This can be achieved in by membership plugin in WordPress.

Having membership of your website certainly does pays of, this may be a long-term process but it’s very useful for your website. This process can be one of the best ways to earn money from your content, even if you want to give free membership then you’ll get your own list of loyal members which will keep coming to your website.

Best Free Membership Plugin For WordPress

1 User Ultra


User ultra is a free membership plugin developed by woo commerce which is one of the best solutions for commercializing your WordPress blogs. With this plugin you can build user communities which are easy to build, these communities will help you deliver restricted content to registered users. This plugin has responsive design, with features like photos & galleries, youtube & vimeo support. Option to have one time or recurring payment for membership.

  • Private messages
  • Rating system.
  • Photo & Video Support.
  • Payment options.
  • User stats.


2 WP Members


WP Members is a free membership plugin which runs on membership management framework. This Plugin gives you the functionality to restrict posts and pages to registered users. Registration of new users can depend on admin approval, by this way admin can choose which user can be a member.

  • Blocks posts and pages.
  • Registration on admin approval.
  • Optional CAPTCHA on registration.
  • Notifications on new registration.
  • SEO friendly.


3 Amr Users


Amr users plugin will help you filter list and sort any data that is under the users meta. This membership plugin gives developers an edge to slice the users data without going into the trouble of coding the whole application. This plugin will present registered members in a clean way which is very beneficial for small and medium websites.

  • Shows List of registered members.
  • Developers can slice the application.
  • Filter list & sort the data.
  • User search, Bulk action feature.


4 Paid Membership Pro


Paid Membership pro is a free membership plugin which is the most versatile in nature if you have a need to set up a free of paid membership, it can be either onetime of recurring membership then this the plugin that can take care of all your needs. This plugin has the support for all the major ways of payment like paypal, braintree payments, authorize payments, stripe etc. With this you can lock down posts, pages, videos, Forums, categories, downloads, support etc.

  • Flexible for free or paid membership.
  • Supports major payment methods.
  • Restrict access to different areas of website
  • Members list with CSV export.
  • Third party tools support.


5 User Registration Aide


User Registration Aide is a free membership plugin which will give u freedom from those predefined fields that user have to fill. With this plugin you can choose your own set of custom field that you want to add to the user registration form. When you add a new field it is not only applicable to new users but old users also gets the set field added in their user profile too.

  • Custom fields.
  • Fields gets added in old users profile.
  • Increases user management
  • Stops spammers.


6 Membership


Membership is a free membership plugin by wpmudev, this plugin will take care of most of your website membership needs. This plugin will restrict audience from going to post, page, downloads, videos, etc. If a non registered member try to access the premium content then this plugin will ask them to login or register to your website membership. This plugin also comes in pro version in case you want to add more features added to your membership plugin.

  • Restriction to posts, pages, downloads, videos.
  • Encourages to register.
  • Multiple membership sites.
  • Flexible membership levels.



This is our list of best free membership plugin for WordPress. These plugins will take care of all your membership need depending on your needs. If you would like to add any thing to the list or would like to tell us which plugin you would use or using on your website, then feel free to leave us a comment.

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