3 Best free book plugins for WordPress


Want to have books on your WordPress website. You can easily do that with our list of best free book plugins for WordPress.


List of best free WordPress book plugins.

If you like to have books on your blog, perhaps you like to display your own books of like to place books of other authors on your WordPress website then you should consider using a plugin. A book plugin will take care of all the features which you need to present your books effectively.

There are many plugins out there which can help you display books, that’s why we created the list of best free book plugins for WordPress.

1 – A Page Flip Book


A page flip Book is a plugin which can be the best way to give books a 3D experience, display pages of the book with a unique flipping feature. This plugin uses Both flash and jquery to give users a nice animated experience, compatibility with IOS will help you to present same animated book pages on Apple devices.

Highlights & Features.

  • Flipping of pages.
  • Flash & jquery.
  • IOS compatible.
  • 3D experience.


2 – My Book Table Bookstore


My Book table Bookstore is a plugin made to help authors to make money from selling books. With the help of this you can sell a book without the need of all the SSL certificates, shopping carts, and many more thing you need to sell a book. Have you own shopping cart which can connect to online bookstore for selling a book.

Highlights & Features

  • Sell books.
  • No SSL needed.
  • Own bookstore.
  • Can connect to online book store.


3 – Book Review Library


Book Review Library is one of those plugins which is dedicated to books, it lets you gather reviews with its own review system, a book catalog which lets you list books systematically. Let you users sort the books on the basis of author, illustrator, genre, subjects as well as ratings.

There are two types of widgets, one which lets you display latest reviewed books, the other one will show the related books.

Highlights & Features

  • Book Reviews.
  • Catalog feature.
  • Two Widgets.
  • Sorting option for users.



This is the list of best free book plugins for WordPress with which you can get all the features you need to get your books your WordPress website. All the plugins have different features so choose the one best suited for your website.

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