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List of Top free splash plugins for WordPress

There are a lot of people who like to use a splash screen before a viewer can reach the main page. You can make viewers to see the page you like them to view before going to the main page they like to see. This can make a huge impact on your sales if you like to sell something, gather emails, display a message, etc.

There are many things that you do with a splash plugin, its totally up to you that how effectively you use it. There are few WordPress splash plugins that can do wonders for your website. So we made a list of best free splash plugins for WordPress.

Most popular free splash plugins for WordPress

1. Wp Splash Page

WP Splash Page WordPress Plugin

This is one of the popular splash page plugin for WordPress, with this you can add a splash page without hindering the indexing of page as bots will be directed to the original page. Even if cookies and JavaScript are disables, still this splash screen will show, so viewers can’t avoid it. You can customize the look of the page, that suits the style of your website.

This plugin got a full support for mobile devices, you can display the splash screen only for home page or for full website. If you like to display video then you can use a full-page background video option.

Highlights & Features

  • No effect of disabled cookies and JS.
  • Customize style.
  • Mobile device detection.
  • Display on homepage or full website.


2. WP Splash Image

WP Splash Image Plugin for WordPress

With this one you can display images or videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion. You can display any video with html code on the splash screen. You can even show the video hosted on your own website, you just have to make sure that the file is on swf format.

This is a light weight and easy to use plugin that does with work beautifully, the splash page will open in a light box at the opening of your website.

Highlights & Features

  • light weight plugin.
  • Light Box effect.
  • Can display images and videos.
  • Show Self hosted or videos by html code.


3. Kento Splash Screen

Kento Splash Screen Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is useful for those who like use the plugin for simple things like displaying HTML content through a splash popup box, where this plugin stand out is that it gives you option to customize from unlimited background colors, unlimited background images, custom border size, unlimited border colors, custom width and height of popup box.

Over all you can make a ton of changes to get the right look for your website. With short code you can make splash screen to display only on the pages you like rather than on home screen or full website. This gives you a complete control.

Highlights & Features

  • popup splash screen.
  • Custom size, border size, etc.
  • Unlimited colors, backgrounds.
  • Short-code, iframe features.



This is the list of best free WordPress Splash plugins that you can use to perform various tasks. We make the list by considering the plugin useful for most of the websites, You should choose the one which is best suited for your website in terms of look and features.

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