5 Best free music player plugins for WordPress


Server music with a difference, add functionality with music player plugin.


List of 5 best free WordPress music player plugins.

Music this can be a word that makes us have a whole new experience. Music is connected with all of us, although we all have different taste for music. Music can change the atmosphere around you, everyone have a soft spot for music. There is no one who hates music, it all depends on your taste.

There are many websites who like to have music or host different types of songs on their website. If you have a WordPress website then you easily have music on your website, even though in WordPress you can upload music files and it will run on a default music player. If you like to like to have more functionality and style for your music players then you should check our list of best free music players for WordPress. So here we start with

The list of Top 5 free Music Player plugins for WordPress Website.

1.  Compact WP Audio Player


This music player plugin uses a hybrid technology which uses HTML5 + Flash to serve music. You can place music on your post or page with just a shortcode, With this plugin you can save resources. Compact WP Audio Player uses very fewer resources, taking care of your page load, page load is very important for SEO.

Responsiveness of player help you to show player on all types of screen size, compatibility with IOS will make it usable in Apple devices.

Highlights & Features

  • Html + Flash Hybrid
  • Responsive player.
  • Uses Very fewer resources.
  • Preview option If you are selling music,


2. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player


Html5 jQuery audio player gives you a beautiful looking player which is filled with features. With this plugin you can change the color of player that suits the theme of you website. Files which this player supports are mp3 and ogg, you cna display the rating along with the song.

Option to sell the song can make profit, users can mark ratings for the songs too. Support for all devices and screen size is there to make it functional for all viewers.

Highlights & Features.

  • Change the color of player.
  • Sell music option.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Auto play option is there.


3. CP Media Player.


CP media player is not limited to music player, with this plugin you can serve both audio and video on your website. This plugin have support for MP4, OGG, WebM, WMV, MP3, WAV, WMA file types. This plugin is based on MediaElement.js which provides support for all browsers.

You can associate a playlist with this plugin, this player can be placed on anywhere on your website.

Highlights & Features

  • Audio and Video player.
  • Supports multiple formats.
  • Playlist option.
  • Place player anywhere on website


4. Simple Audio Player


Simple audio player is a nice music player plugin for WordPress which have a simple interface to display music on your website. This is a light weight plugin which saves your server from additional load, all the standard audio controls are there for player. To place player on a specific area you can use short-code.

This plugin uses both flash and HTML5 to display player, javascript is used only where it is need to reduce the page load.

Highlights & Features.

  • HTML5 and flash.
  • Simple interface.
  • All necessary audio controls.
  • Javascript is used only when needed.


5. Simple Music Widget.


This plugin will help you to place music on your widget area, to use this plugin your theme must have widget feature. With this you can place music with artist’s name, song, album and a cover image, which tells users about the song that plays.

You can add a description about the song in the widget which can be helpful for the viewers.

Highlights & Features.

  • Simple music player for widgets.
  • Song description feature.
  • Use less resources.
  • artist’s name, song, album and a cover image.



This is the list of best free music player for WordPress, all these plugins are different in features and functioning so choose the one which is best suitable for you depending on features and the one that suits your blog design.

If you have any queries the use the comment section below to drop a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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