How to limit comment length in WordPress


Have you ever wanted to limit comment length for your viewers, you can now do this easily with our tutorial.


Recently we came across a question asked by one of our client, they want to limit comment length on their WordPress website. When we saw their website then we came to know that they are getting some very long comments, this looked out of proportion and increased the length of the page.

Why Limit comment length

When people like to write long comments that users have to scroll to read full then they tend to loose interest in the website and more over it looks more like a post then a comment. These sure increase the length of the page quite a bit, but it can decrease the user experience too. An easy way to control this can be to limit comment length.

If you are worried about having too much comments on one page then you can break the comments into pages too. but in this tutorial we are going to show you how to limit comment length in WordPress.

How to limit the comment length in WordPress

In order to do this first you have to install a plugin named Greg’s Comment Length Limiter, install and activate the plugin on your website. This will add a new field to the settings of your admin panel, the field will be named as comment length limiter, you just have to click it. It will be like Dashboard»Settings»comment length limiter.


This will create the option to set the upper limit for the characters for the comments, by default this will be set at 3000 characters with the option to change it, you can put in any number of characters which you would like.

There are more options than just limiting the length of the comments, more options can be that you can enable admin to comment with as many characters as they like. You even have the option to display the characters left to the users while making comments, text for characters available can also be changed.


With the help of this tutorial you can limit comment length to make it more suitable and fit for your website. This will be helpful for the people who like to set the upper limit, but if you like to limit the lower side then you need the plugin by which you can set the minimum characters you need to make a comment. This plugin is called minimum comment length.

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