The 7 Best free WordPress login plugins


Most popular list of login plugins for WordPress


List of top 7 free login plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a blogging platform that can have endless features that can be added to it. One of such features is login, if you don’t have login feature on your WordPress website then you are certainly missing something of great importance. Having users to login can give them a personal connection with your website.

You can add the login feature with the use of a plugin, you can choose one for our list of best free WordPress login plugins. Choose the one depending on the features you need.

Most popular free WordPress login plugins

1 – Sidebar Login plugin


Sidebar login is the very popular WordPress login plugin to have a login feature placed at the sidebar of your blog, It uses ajax enhanced login widget which can be placed at the sidebar of your blog, after a successful login the user is redirected to the page they logged in form. You can use a simple drag and drop feature of the place the widget on the sidebar.

There are tags which can be used just to get the desired feature on the widget.

Highlights & Features

  • sidebar widget.
  • Uses ajax.
  • Drag and drop widget.
  • Tags to get the features.


2 – Custom Login plugin


Give you login page a customized look, the basic WordPress login is good but it lacks the personal touch of your blog. with this plugin you can change the background of your login window. This will give you the sense of personalization when you try to login. This plugin will not slowdown the login process. You even have the option to place a login on any page with the help of a template.

Highlights & Features

  • Customized login look.
  • Keep login speedy.
  • Login template for pages.
  • login redirects.


3 – Social Login plugin


Social login will help you users to login from their social accounts, with this they can register and comment by using one of the many social media account available. There are 25+ social media networks available for login to your website. You can have the login feature on your sidebar, or any place you like with the help of a short-code.

Highlights & Features

  • Login with social accounts.
  • Comment with social accounts.
  • 25+ social media account.
  • Short code feature.


4 – Uber login Logo plugin


Uber login logo is a plugin which will change the WordPress logo to your customized logo. many people like to change the logo of WordPress on the login screen. With the help of this plugin you can do that with ease, have your own logo above the login window. This is a clean-looking and light coded plugin which takes very fewer resources to keep your website fast.

Highlights & Features

  • Change the logo.
  • Clean UI.
  • Light Coded.
  • Keeps website fast


5 – WP sliding Login plugin


Wp sliding login is a plugin which will help you to have a sliding login option to any WordPress theme. This plugin will not mess with your theme files so when you change the theme of your website you login panel will remain the same. You can also specify your own HTML content to put in the panel.

Highlights & Features

  • Sliding option.
  • Does not change the theme code.
  • HTML content.
  • Easy to use.


6 – Login Logout plugin


Login Logout can be a great replacement for your default meta widget. This plugin will help you to have login, register, admin and logout functions placed on the sidebar widget of your website. The function changes according to user status, if user is not logged in then there will be a login and registration button, when user is logged in then the there will be an admin, logout , welcome message on the widget.

Highlights & Features

  • Replaces default meta widget.
  • Multiple function on widget.
  • Function changes according to user status.
  • after login user return to page.


7 – Tabbed Login Widget plugin


Tabbed login widget is the one which will help you to place a login widget with different tabs on the sidebar of your website. There will be different tabs such as a login form, registration form, and recover password tab. After successful login user gets redirected to the page they were on, Multi language support is there for using plugin with different languages.

Highlights & Features

  • Tabbed login form.
  • Login,register, recover password tabs.
  • Ridirects after login.
  • Multi language support.



This is the list of 7 best free WordPress Login plugins which will solve your login needs. You should choose the one best suited for you website as all the plugins have different styles and features. You can even install more than one plugin if you need, we would like to hear which plugin you like or use on your website, you can drop us a comment below.

Note: having more plugins can slow down your website.

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