How to add favicon to your WordPress website


Learn how to add favicon to your WordPress website to make it more easy to locate.

If you don’t know about favicon then you should know that this is the tiny image that is displayed on the top of the Browser tab where your website is opened. This is displayed right beside the title of your website, the main purpose of favicon is to help identify your website at a glance by users.

In order to find a website, reading title text can make it difficult but as every website have a different favicon, it gives it a visual effect while finding. It’s been noticed that people recognize images better than text, so having a favicon does help a lot while locating your website in browser.

Why do you need a Favicon?

Having a favicon is not just limited to having a small image on browser tab, it has more benefits. With a favicon you  can ease the location your website when many tabs are open in a browser, it also helps in building a brand for your website. Your website will be recognized by the image you have on the favicon of your website.

If you notice than you will find that almost all the major website have their Favicons placed on their website. This give them a boost in brand and some enhanced user experience. Users likes to have it easy, if they have to find your website again and again by reading the tittle then they will feel a little uneasy in doing so. And with multiple tabs open in a browser it’s even more difficult to find a website without Favicon as users are not able to see most of the text. At this time Favicon helps in easy location of the website.


As you can see in the above picture even though you can’t see some of the titles still favicon helps you recognize the website. In fact your eyes first go to favicon and then to the title.

Favicon is a powerful way to make your website visible to users, and at the same time help building brand.

How to add favicon to your WordPress website

Now the Most important thing, how to add favicon to your WordPress website. But before we get to this, first you should know about creating a favicon. You don’t have to worry, it’s fairly easy to do too. There are some tools available to get the job done. To know more you should read.

Now When you have created a Favicon, all you have to learn is to place then on your website. To do this first you have to login to the dashboard of your WordPress website.

After reaching the admin panel of your website, You have to go to Appearence»Customize. This will open a window where you can customize the appearance the theme of your website.


Here you will find the option named Site Identity as shown above. You have to click this and this will show you the options that are needed to create a unique identity for your website.


In this Window you have the option called site icon. This is where you have to place your Favicon, below this you will see a button of select file. by clicking this you will be able to upload or select the favicon file if you already have one in your library.

You should note that earlier when there was no such option favicons were of small size not the image you want to upload should be 512 X 512 px. So you have to choose the file accordingly.

Tip: You can use Adobe photoshop or pixlr (online) to get your required Favicon.


That’s it you have successfully added a favicon to your WordPress website. This feature works with WordPress 4.3 and above so if the feature is not showing on your website then you should update your WordPress at once. Updating WordPress can prevent you from security threats too.

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