How to Setup CloudFlare CDN with W3 Total Cache


Two of the best services that are W3 total cache and CloudFlare CDN, Now learn to setup Cloudflare CDN with W3 Total Cache.


If you are into blogging with WordPress then you would be knowing that cloudflare is one of the best free CDN service that we recommend and W3 Total Cache is at the top of our best free WordPress Cache plugins.

You can make your website super fast with the use of these services, Have you ever thought of using both these service with one plugin, that is w3 Total cache. Yes W3 Total cache in itself is one of the best cache plugins that you can give your WordPress website, this plugin gives you so much features that you can really speed up your website loading time.

You should know that Google uses Page load time as a SEO factor that you can make a change in your ranking, better page load time can result in better ranking, resulting in more traffic coming from Google search. This means that you can make the things more favorable with using a good Cache plugin along with a CDN, this will give you a lightning fast speed.

Both of these services are free and you can make use of these without spending anything. As a plus if you don’t have to install any additional plugin for using the CDN and you even don’t have to struggle with any code.

Learn to use W3 Total Cache to setup CloudFlare CDN

We will Guide you step by step so that you can setup Cloud Flare CDN with W3 Total Cache. We will explain each and every thing about the changes that you have to do.

1) First and the obvious thing that you have top do is install the W3 total cache plugin on your WordPress website. And you can also sign-up for a free Cloudflare account to keep the process in motion once we begin (even though you can register for Cloudflare CDN later too, but its convenient to do this beforehand).

2) Now that you have installed and activated the plugin, you have to go to the Dashboard»performance»general settings here you will find some options like below.


3) Under the Page Cache section you will find a page cache enable button you just have to click it, there will be a tick mark displayed when enabled.

4)Now below page cache you will see the minify settings under the same window. You have to turn it off by clicking on the enable tick if it’s there. We don’t need it as the minify requests will be taken care by the cloudflare.


5) In the next step you have to enable the disk cache, again you just have to click the box beside enable text and this will turn on the database caching. Under the database cache method select the method disk.

w3-total-cloudflare-database-cache6) Below the database cache there is object cache, you have to enable it and put the cache method to disk again.


7) Enable the browser cache too if not enabled.


8) Below this there will be CDN option keep the setting to default as this is used for the paid CDN services. Now you have to go to Dashboard»performance»extensions. Here you will find an extension with the name CloudFlare, you just have to activate it and fill in your details that we registered earlier on cloudflare. If you have not done it yet then you will be guided to do so.


9) Under the cloudflare setting You will need to enter some information like your primary domain, and the security level.

That it you are done you have successfully installed the cloudflare CDN on your website using the W3Total Cache plugin. CloudFlare lets you use their service for free, even though you can opt for upgraded plans if your website is getting tons of traffic.

If you are a new and have a little traffic to take care of then the free option proves to be a gem.:

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