What i learned by making multiple blogs


i learnt many new things with troubles i faced by having multiple blogs running.


Making multiple blogs – it totally changed my blogging life.

I started my blogging journey same as most of you, I like many niches as most of the new one does, it’s really easy cheap to get a domain name now a days so i registered a few. To start a blog is not such a big deal now a days, earlier you have to pay big amounts to start a blog, now you can do it with very less money. After getting domain names I got a shared hosting account which can hold multiple domains on a single hosting, i recommend Hostgator  and Bluehost. Both gives you very cheap hosting with incredible up-time, I’ve never faced big issues with these companies, in case you get in a pinch then support from these hosting companies are incredible.

Now back to the topic, as i said i like many niche so i started many blogs as a niche I liked. At start I was very exited to do all this, it was like I’m into everything i can go on blogging for hours and hours to maintain all of my blogs. This is what most of the new bloggers do, at start this all feels very interesting.

Soon i realized that maintaining all these blogs taking a great toll from me, i worked for more than fifteen hours a day for six days a week, some time even on Sundays.

Less time for me and my family.

family timeWith all these blogs i just forgot that how important my time is, i was not able to give time to my family and to myself, This is very important in your blogging life if you can’t give time to yourself and your family.

For few weeks i didn’t even noticed that I’m devoting all my time to the blogs, what i missed is the time that u use to spend with my family, watching my son giggle, laughing with my wife on some silly thing.

Spending so much time on blogging took away all these things, soon i realized that blogging was the only thing that i cared about, which was the most absurd thing you can do while blogging.

It changed my behavior towards life, i was hardly doing anything else, I use to get short-tempered when someone asked a favor or had to do some urgent work which was wrong.

I realized my mistake soon enough, blogging is an important part of my life but i don’t know when i got obsessed over it. Then i started making a balance between blogging and my personal life. Blogging is important but without the loved ones everything is worthless.

If you are making same mistake then you should change yourself this instant.

Less time on a single niche

healthI have multiple blogs which needed a proper attention, I have to keep up with blog consistency SEO, and promoting content of each blog, this not only took most of the time from my life but it also made me less focused on a single blog.

Each blog was on different niche so i have to gather lot of information for each blog post. Due to this i had very less time to research for every content, I use to get pressurized while creating different types of content.

To keep up with blog consistency was starting to become a problem for me, every thing needs it proper time and blog is no different.

When i tried to give time to every blog, i was cutting time from other sectors mostly from my personal life. Still was not able to give my full focus on all.

Health issues

I try to be healthy as much as possible, i go to gym and follow my 30 minute rule in which I get up from my seat and take a walk after every 30 minutes, this also helps my eyes to relax.

But with multiple blogs to manage i started to neglect these things as every minute was essential. This gave me a huge stress, I tried to work on every thing, i started loosing my physical and mental health.

Then i realized that every thing is important and I have to work on each part with some rules, this way I made my health come back on track.


watchI lacked some scheduling in life, I tried to manage all the things side by side. Well to be true I was wrong, some times you can do these kind of things but on regular basis this is not right.

When i was doing all the things side by side, i did a little of this and little of that so while shifting between blogs and topics i was not able to go with the flow.

So i started making schedules on how much time is needed for a task, and how what content should i be working on. I even scheduled my reading and writing time so that i don’t lack in researching the topic.

Every day i set a schedule for next day and set a week goal at the starting of every week.  This scheduling helps me give each blog proper time, content creation is also going with consistency.


One of the main things that i learnt that starting multiple blogs at once is easy, all you have to do is have an idea on the niche and start the blog, select the theme, install some plugins that you need and that about it, but maintaining them is the whole new story.

Blogs are content hungry monster which needs to be feed regularly with content. and when you have multiple blogs then you have to create more and more content.

All this started with excitement of so many different blogs, but later this all became messy. I was not able to decide that on which blog should i work on first.

After some time i realized that I have to discipline my self, a discipline in the life is the only thing that can make maintenance and content creation of multiple blogs possible.

Blog priority

flowersWho ever is in blogging knows that there are some unavoidable times that you will not be able to spare time for all the blogs.

There came the time when I had to take care of other things which consumed lot of my time. I know that discipline is important but taking kids to doctor or attending a wedding is also an important part of life.

So i chose to have a blog priority factor, in which I set the priority levels of blogs I rank them in numeric system 1 holding the most priority.

Some times I even prioritizes the tasks that I have to perform on the blogs. This makes me able to control all the things that are important on the priority basis.

When all the things comes back to track then i try to add those left out things to the schedule. This way I prioritizes my blogs and the things that are important in my life.


I’m going to wrap up this post by telling you that every one having multiple blogs have different kind of approach on how they handle the problems. If you are also one who are having to thinking of having multiple blogs then this might give you an idea about the difficulties you can face and how I tried to overcome it.

I made it from being a trouble to my strength, having multiple blogs also added to my income, so having multiple blogs with right management became asset for me.

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