5 Best free Google fonts plugins for WordPress


Still using the same old font that cane with the theme. check our list of Best free Google fonts plugins for WordPress.

List of Best free WordPress Google fonts Plugins

Fonts can really make your content stand out of the crowd, every successful website have a font that makes their text visually more appealing. They choose the fonts best suited according to their website design, niche, etc. Having a nice font just adds to the viewer experience that they have on the website.

If you are still stuck with that old font or haven’t really thought about changing fonts on your website, then you should seriously think about it. It can increase your viewership and reduce bounce rate. Google knows the importance so they have some great fonts which are available for free, You can use then on your website too. To use then you need a plugin, check our list of best free Google fonts for WordPress.

Most recommended google fonts plugins for WordPress

1) WP Google Fonts

WP Google Fonts WordPress Plugin

This is one of the most popular free google fonts plugin for WordPress, with ability to add free Google fonts to your website, this plugin also lets you choose that which CSS element you would like to associate a particular font to. You can do all this right from your admin panel.

This is an easy to use plugin which would let your add the Google font functionality to your website without putting any increase in page load, hence website speed is maintained.

Highlights & Features

  • Assign font to different elements.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hundreds of fonts.
  • SEO friendly.


2) Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts WordPress Plugin

As you can guess by name this plugin makes the process of adding Google fonts in WordPress easy, you can add Google fonts to your website and what makes it easy is that you can see how fonts looks in real-time on your website. You can change the fonts to the one best suited for your website.

This plugin saves a lot of time while finding the right font, make makes your website look beautiful. This can be a real gem if you have changed the theme recently and like to find a font which is best suited for the new design.

Highlights & Features:

  • Live customization.
  • Custom font controls.
  • Coding free.
  • Automatic font updates.


3) Google Font Manager

Google Font Manager WordPress Plugin

Google font manager will help you to do many things with Google fonts, this will not only add Google fonts on your website but you will also get font feature on visual editor from where you can change the font of any particular part easily. You have the option to add as many Google fonts as you like on your website.

You are not bound to get all the Google Fonts, in fact you can just choose the one that you like and have them on your list. You will still have the option to add more when you need it.

Highlights & Features

  • Automatically adds to visual editor.
  • Uses Ajax.
  • Get only those fonts that you need
  • Responsive.


4) Supreme Google Webfonts

Supreme Google Webfonts WordPress Plugin

If you are the one who like to have the font functionality on your visual editor then you need this plugin, this will add a third row with fonts on the visual editor of your website. It will let you access the whole font repository at a click, With an easy drop down list on visual editor you can choose the font that you would like to use.

As an additional feature this plugin also let you choose the size of the font that you would like to use.

Highlights & Features:

  • Drop down menu on visual editor.
  • Access all Google Fonts.
  • Choose font size
  • Font section under settings.


5) Google Webfonts For Woo Framework

Google Webfonts For Woo Framework

If you are selling products on your website by using WooCommerce framework, which is a popular eCommerce platform for selling products on WordPress based website then you should get this plugin. This is specially designed for the websites with woo framework on them.

Now you can show the product title and description the way you like, this will have a positive effect on your customers and may increase your sales.

Highlights & Features

  • Specially for Woo framework.
  • Fonts Cached locally.
  • For Woothemes
  • Uses Google Webfonts API.



This is our list of best free Google Fonts plugins for WordPress, each one of the plugin have their own unique features. The plugins which can benefit for most of the websites are at the top. If you don’t know any specific one then we suggest that you go for the ones at the top of the list.

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