How to disable right click on images of WordPress website


If you are a photographer or you have a lot of images on your WordPress website that you like to protect from being copied then you can consider disabling the right-click from your website so that viewers can not save the image by using right-click and save image as option.

This can be easily done by using a WordPress plugin which can disable the right-click functionality from your website. Even thought this is not the complete solution for protecting your images, but you can still keep some people away.

There are two plugins by which you can make the right-click useless making your images secure on your website.

Plugins to disable right-click

No right-click images plugin


To keep people for stealing your images, this plugin will help you to make secure i your images by disabling the right-click for image. What this plugin does is that it uses jquery to disable right clicks only on the images. All the other things like you links and other parts can be right clicked but when it comes to images its disabled.

If the image is uploaded by WordPress media uploaded then you can the link will open in new tab. If you want to remove the right clicking from the image then you should remove the link while placing the image on the post.



WP Content copy protection & No Right click


This plugin is one step ahead from the previous one as this not only protects the images but you can disable right clicking for text selection too. All the shortcuts like  CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X,CTRL+S or CTRL+V are also disabled so that no one can bypass the protection.

This plugin adds a sub menu in your admin area so that you can make changes to the right clicking the way you want.

You can also enable or disable CSS protection.

You have the option to show a message When someone try to right-click like no right clicks please or anything you like by purchasing a pro version.



Still you are not completely protected

Even though these plugins can give you some protection for the images but this won’t stop few from getting past it. They can take a screenshot or by simply disabling the javascript will let them right-click on images.

There are ways which can help you to protect your work from being stolen. For images you can consider to watermark them too and for saving content you can use our guide on how to stop blog scraping to save your content. If you find a content that you think is yours then you can make a DMCA complaint and get it removed.

To get free High Quality images you can check our 22 best places to get High resolution images for free – Ultimate list. Here you will find resource of images that you can use on your website without have to worrying about the image license as all are under creative common license that let you use the image for personal and commercial use.

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