How to add YouTube subscribe button in WordPress


If you have a YouTube channel you can certainly get more subscribers by adding a YouTube subscribe button on your WordPress website.


Guide to add YouTube subscribe button in WordPress

YouTube is the second largest search engines in the world, people like go to videos to learn about various things. And videos certainly helps in that a lot. If you don’t know then there are many YouTubers who make a living on YouTube. Some even earn in millions.

With more subscribers you content can reach more people, to add to the number you can add a subscribe button on your WordPress website which can help in adding to the number of subscribers. There are two ways by which you can add YouTube subscribe button to your WordPress website.

Manually add YouTube subscribe button.

To add button manually you just have to go to Google developers for YouTube, there you have to enter the YouTube channel name or ID and you will get the channel icon at the bottom to check that the channel is right, After this you just have to select the layout and theme, then select whether you like to show subscribers count or not on the website.


Now you will see a box with code at the bottom, you just have to copy this code and head to the WordPress website and you can place the code where ever you like to place the subscribe button, This will place the subscribe button on your WordPress anywhere you like.

Add YouTube Subscribe button with a plugin

With the use of a plugin all this process become very simple, for this step you just have to install the plugin called YouTube Subscribe Button. This plugin will help you do get the button without getting into coding. First you have to install and activate the plugin, this will add an option to add widget with YouTube subscribe button.


Now with this you can add the channel name and choose the settings like layout and theme to go with your button. After choosing the settings you just have to save it and the YouTube subscribe button will be displayed.


These are the two different ways by which you can add YouTube subscribe button to your WordPress website, This will help you gain the number of subscribers, and with more subscribers you can have more views. If you have monetized your videos then you will make more money.

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