How to change post to page and page to post


Have you ever came to a point where you think that you should have made a page instead of post. Let me take an example I’ve seen lot of guys make about us as a post and then realize that they should have made it as a page instead of post but what to do it’s already been published. Let me tell you that this is one of the most important page among the pages you must have on your website. After a post gets published and Google indexed that post then its very bad for SEO to change it. As it will give 404 error which is page not found, this does not mean that you can’t change post into pages and vice versa.


There are two ways of doing this, first is within the WordPress and second is by editing your database.

Two ways of changing post to page and page to post

1 Within WordPress

First is the method which takes little time to implement, this method is for those who don’t know about the basic coding. Before you jump into changing post into pages and vice versa there are few things that you should keep in mind, first is if the URL is indexed in Google then you can not change that URL. Second if you change the structure of URL then it will show an error in your indexed pages, this is not good at all in terms of SEO of your website.

Now if you want to change you post into page then you copy the content of the post and save it somewhere, you should also copy the URL of the post. Remember the URL is very important and you should cannot change it even a slight mistake will return an error. I told you to copy these things as in one website two URLs can’t be same, so you can’t create a post and a page with same URL at same time. Now you have to delete the post after copying the data, Then go to create page and paste all the content, Configure the URL and the title of the page and that’s it you are done. You have successfully converted a post to page and the same process can be used to convert page into post.

2 By making changes Database

If you have any know how to make changes in database then this is the easiest way to change post to page and page to post. Even if you don’t have any coding knowledge then you should follow this step by step process of converting post to page.

1 – Login to the cpanel of your hosting

2 – Under the databases section you will find Phpmyadmin


3 – Now your phpmyadmin panel will open you have to select the database you want to make changes to.

4 – After the selection of database you have to go to wp-posts. This will show you the list of posts you have in your database. Now find the post you want to change to page and click edit.

5 – This will open a table where you have many function you can edit. Here you have to find Post_type and edit it from post to page and page to post in case you want to change page to post.


6 – Then hit save and you are done you’ve successfully changed your post to page.


These are the two ways by which you can change post to page and page to post. Both of the ways are fairly easy depending upon your preference, if you have knowledge about making changes to database then I suggest the second way as it will take you lot lesser time to implement than the first one.

If you know another way of changing post to page and page to post then please feel free to share the method with us in comment section below.

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