Why do pro bloggers change theme regularly


Have you ever noticed that big bloggers make changes to their theme template after regular interval. There are many people wondering why they do so, there are various reasons that lead to bloggers keep on making changes or completely changing theme templates.

This is a nice practice which you should adopt too, we know that you’ve invested a lot of time making the theme perfectly suitable for your blog but so did the pro bloggers. These big blogs change their template with the new one almost looking the same as the pervious one or with a complete makeover but they do change it from time to time.


You must be thinking that whats the point of changing the theme if it still looks the same, there are many hidden benefits to it but the main reason for keeping the same look which changing the theme is the users are familiar with the website layout and can navigate freely throughout the website.

When you give a complete makeover to your website design then it take some time for users to adapt to the new layout, some even dislike or criticize the new layout, pro bloggers even hear that users want the old look back. This all is due to change, some times this is due to the fact that new layout is difficult but sometimes only a few viewers have some problem.

If a lot of people are complaining then you should think of going back to old theme or try to make the new theme easy to use and user friendly.

Now the reasons behind Why do pro bloggers change theme regularly are:

New feel

Most of the pro bloggers change the theme for giving their viewers a sheer experience of new feel on  the website. When there is a new  design running on a website the regular viewers get a whole new feel while they browse on the website.

This new feeling keep the website fresh and more than that user like to spend more time browsing the content.

Pro bloggers do this to keep everything fresh, new feel, new look, better user experience, even they like working on the website more and more.

Better Code

The things are continuously changing in the world and you have to adapt to it, if you don’t then you are left behind. The new themes comes with better code.

Code is the baseline of all the things that are working on your website.

As you know that themes are just a pile of code put together to get the desired functionality at your finger tips.

When you run a theme then the required code comes to action, if the job is done with lesser code then they are considered to be the best. The theme creators like to use as few codes as they could to get the work done.

New themes are more nicely coded than the pervious ones so to keep up with the world you have to get a better coded theme to make you website reach new heights.


This is another important reason why pro bloggers like to change theme regularly of their website.

New themes are better coded which lead to a low page loading time. We have discussed that how important a theme loading time is in ways to reduce page loading time.

Speed of the website is one of the major factor that can help you reduce the bounce rate, it’s been noticed that websites with low speeds, or you can say that takes more time to load have a high bounce rate than a fast one.

No one like to wait, Pro bloggers have a very good habit of keeping a speedy website.


Newer themes are designed to be compatible with more plugins and latest version of the CMS. In our WordPress maintainance guide we have placed updating at the top for security and health of website.

With newer versions sometime older themes are not so much comparable so some things might not work right.

The newer themes are built by keeping the newest versions in mind. Even the plugins are getting updated, so the theme have to keep up with them too.

Newer themes have a better plugin compatibility than the older ones as they are made for more refined CMS and with better code.


This is one the delight that make the website better for both ends, be it the viewers and the creators. New themes are packed with features that are new in market and more likely to please viewers while making it easy for the creators to manage their website.

Features are the thing that are good for website design as well as for working, pro bloggers like to work hard but with features they deliver more work in lesser time.

For the viewers new features can certainly add some more user experience when they surf around the website.

Theme creators are working every minute to make the themes feature filled and speedy by keeping the lesser amount of code.


Older themes are vulnerable to security breach than new ones, the older themes are more likely to get the website hacked.

The reason behind it is that hackers know the loose ends in the code of the theme and they know that where they can hit to get access to your WordPress admin panel.

With more secure newer themes pro bloggers keep their websites more secure and keep their website safe.


Themes effect on SEO is nothing new,  SEO world are changing every day. We all want to drive traffic from search engine to our website.

Older themes have more code in than compared to new ones, can be slow. These things have a great impact when search engines rank your website.

Now most of the new themes are mobile responsive, as per now having a mobile responsive design can put plus on the SEO of your website, most of the old themes are not mobile responsive at all.

So for better SEO ranking pro bloggers like to change theme regularly which is best suited for their website.


There are tons of themes out there, before you jump on to get a new theme for you website you should read our guide to selecting a perfect WordPress theme. This guide will help you to filter the best themes that you can give your website.

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