31 web design mistakes that you might be making


Every one makes some mistakes in web design. check if you are making one too.


While going through the journey on web development we all make many mistakes, some of these mistakes which mainly affect the website is web design mistakes. Web design is so important that it can make the difference between success or website failing the test of time.

What you should be focusing on having a better web design, you can deliver better user experience and can reduce the bounce rate too. In the end what matters the most is that the users are having a nice time on your website, and by this they will like to return to your website. With more traffic there is more chances to make more money from your website.


Like many others if you are making these same web design mistakes then you should know that you ae loosing lot of potential users juts because of a crappy webs design.

Lets start with these web design mistakes that you might be making.

1. Niche not clear: You web design must make it clear that what your nice is, what you want users to know should be conveyed to them in an instant. If you fail at that then you are seriously going to mess up, people don’t like to invest time on understanding things. If they can’t understand your website they leave in an instant and will hardly return ever.

2. Use nice Font: If you use a font that is really complex to read then it will hinder the readability of the users reading the stuff, again if it’s hard for them to read then they will leave for sure.

3. Size of fonts: Never use tiny fonts, as must as it appeals you people simply don’t like it. They have to stress their eyes to read it, most of the people will leave before going through the whole article.

4. Subscription popups: If you have the subscription popups popping up in every page then this wont get you subscribers, but on the other hand it will annoy the users. Think if some one likes to subscribe they will do it on first popup and if they didn’t they will not do it on another page, seeing it again will only annoy them.

5. Force registration: If you like people to register on your website then you just have a registration form on your web design. If you force them to register in order to use your website then this will not be right. You should focus on people wanting to register your website rather than forcing them down their throat.

6. Open in New browser: A feature which is mostly misused, this is a web design mistake that most of you will relate to. If you are putting open in new tab on every link then you are not given viewers the liberty to make a choice whether they like to open it in new tab or on same window. If you like to make a better web design then give user liberty to choose the way they like the links to behave.

7. Over use of flash: Flash make the thing interesting right, you are wrong. we have seen many websites over using this feature and this increases page load time. It will hamper the SEO and user experience at the same time, it’s been seen that more users leave website as the page loading time increases.

8. Don’t play music: You still stuck in last decade, running music on your website by default is a big no for web design. If you like to have music on your website than you should give them an option to turn on the music and by default it must be off. If music is played automatically then users will not like it, no one likes to forced to so things.

9. Over advertisement: Most of the website owners likes to make money, and they should. Every website owner puts in a lot of time, energy and money to create a website. In order to make money people like to over use the advertisement, this can make the users difficult to focus on the main content.

10. No contact page: We have seen many websites with no contact page in them. If you won’t give users any option to contact you, then you are missing a great chance of interaction with users. It’s seen that people return to the sites more with which they have a personal connection, to have a contact form on your website you can use a contact form plugin too.

11. No about page: Many people won’t think it useful but in a web design having an about page just adds value to the brand of your website. Having an About page is one of the must have pages for a website, this tells users that what your website is about and your goals.

12. Homepage not lead to real website: There are many website who have a page which users have to visit before going to the real main page of the website. This is not liked by viewers, they like to get to the main page when they clicked for it. Visiting other page will make them feel cheated, most of the viewers will leave the website.

13. Flashy Background: Backgrounds can make your website give a whole new experience so you should choose them wisely. We have seen many people using flashy backgrounds which is a big no, a flashy background will not give that professional feel to your website.

14. Blinking text: If you are having blinking text the you should seriously think about changing the text. Blinking text may cause strain on people’s mind, studies have shown that some blinking things can even cause seizures in some people.

15. Organize navigation menu: We have seen in many cases that people lack in organizing menu items in their navigation bar. This is the most important part of your website, users tends to use the navigation menu to browser through the different topics on your website. So place the most important categories and pages on the main navigation menu.

16. Drop down menu: It can be helpful sometimes but if you are doing that too much then it will surely be a web design mistake. You should avoid the drop down menu if you could this will help in getting that clean look.

17. Complicated navigation: People visit your website for the content and if they have to struggle while navigating your website then this is in deed a web design mistake. Try to make it as simple as you can, this will increase your page views as well as user experience.

18. Browser compatibility: If you haven’t yet checked it then you should do it now, If your website is working fine on one browser then it’s not necessary that its also working great on other browsers too. This can be bad your website, you can do a browser compatibility test to find out if your website is fine on all the browsers, if not then try to fix it.

19. Links not colored: Linking is an essential part of web design, links on your website should have different color from the text so that links can be recognized easily. In a nice web design every thing should be easy, this goes for the links too.

20. Clicked links change color: When you click the links then it should change the color, this will help user to know that which links have already been clicked. This is optional but it will surely have a nice effect on web design.

21. Animated GIFs: Animated GIFs can be mistaken to get the attention of users, yes they can attract attention but it will take attention away from the places where you want your user to focus.

22, No Alt & Title Tags: Images hold a big value on your web design. You must use alt & title tags on images, this will help bots to recognize that what is a particular image about. This is one the best practice in image optimization.

23. Reduce size of images: Get the most appropriate dimensions of the image with reduces size. Images have most load on page loading time, this will help you to excel in ranking and will also better for user experience.

24. Don’t use popup ads: If you are the one who like to have popup ads the you need to stop, people like to use popup blocker just due to these things. They simple don’t like to get your ads forced on them, This will only decrease the reputation of your website.

25. Unorganized footer: Footer is an important part of a website, if you haven’t thought of it yet then this is a web design mistake. You can use this are to put all the necessary links and info that you like your users to know. This can do wonders for your website if done in right way.

26. Very long pages: If you like to write and write more on a single article the you are doing it wrong. People like to get answers in short and quick manner. No one likes to read the article which they have to go on scrolling and scrolling, try to keep it short this will make users more interacted.

27. Spelling mistakes: Even some big shots of the website even sometimes makes these web design mistakes of having some spelling mistakes on their content. But this is not right, you should check for grammatical mistakes and correct them as soon as possible.

28. Catch Letters: To keep spam away for your website is must, to do that you can use captcha, There are various captcha plugin out there but you should choose one which have nice captcha letters which can be easily read. If people will not be able to read it then they won’t be able to comment or perform the desired task. This will be decrease the user experience, which is necessary for retaining traffic.

29. Choose a Great theme: You should focus on getting a theme which makes your website eyeful for users. People like nice designs, this makes the website more interesting.

30. Crappy code: This is another web design mistake that can make your website page heavy. Code is the things that load when some one access your website if the code is not clean then this can certainly add additional load, This is not right for SEO too.

31. No relevant links: You should link to the relevant pages in your website or outer links, This will make your users get the information related to the content and this is also good for SEO.


These are the web design mistakes that people make, if you are one of the many making these mistakes then you should think of correcting it at once. Getting rid of these mistakes will make your gain traffic and user experience, You will notice that having a great web design can do wonders for your website.

This will also have a benefit when it comes to SEO, search engins also loves nice web design with clean code.

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