6 best free ads plugins for wordpress


Get the most out of your ads, check the list of top free WordPress ads plugins.


List of most popular free advertisement plugins for WordPress

Advertisements are one of the best way to make money from your website. To make most from your website you should place them at the right spot, You can use different size and places to find the one best suited for you. If you are using WordPress to power up your website, then you should use ads plugin to get the most out of it.

You can use the heat map to find the places which are most seen by the viewers on the pages. Based on this you can place ads on the specific part and to place them easily you can make use of the advertisement plugins for WordPress. We made a list of best free WordPress ads plugins for WordPress.

Top free ads plugins for WordPress

1 – Ad rotate


Ad rotate is a plugin with which you can place advertisements anywhere on your website. With this plugin, placing ads on different parts of the website will become an easy process. In this plugin you will have different sections where you can place the ads on the website.

you can manage the ads right from the dashboard, You can check the impressions the ads have and monitor ad groups to know which one are working best.

Highlights & Features:

  • Access for dashboard.
  • Multiple ad management
  • Monitoring ad groups.
  • Impression count.


2 – Simple ads manager


Simple ads manager is one of those plugins which have the flexibility to do many things with the ads, placement and rotation ads will be there to get the most out of the ads that you place on your website. With the zone feature you can choose the zone according to which you can display ads.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy ads placement
  • Rotation of ads
  • ads by zone.
  • different types of ads outputing.


3 – WordPress ads widget


For placing your ads on your website most important area you need a widget. This is a simple to use plugin which can be used by the ones who don’t like to use complex interface on their website. Placement and management of ads are easy, it can easily add image banner ads and Google tag ads or any other ad that you want easily.

Highlights & features

  • Easy interface.
  • image or Google ads.
  • Drag feature for widgets.
  • No increase in load.


4 – Meks Easy ads widget


Now with meks easy ads widget you can have many ads in one widget, this plugin lets you put unlimited ads in one widget. you can choose from predefined sizes of can define one of your size that you want. You can randomized ads structure to shuffle ads. You can even put limit on the number of ads on per view basis.

Highlights & Features

  • Many ads in one widget.
  • randomized ads.
  • limit ads per view.
  • Choose  for default size of create a custom one.


5 – Advanced Ads


Feature filled plugin to make you do various things with your ads, you can manage ads on your website easily with this website. With features like ad rotation and ad injection you can place the ads any where you like. This plugin give you the flexibility with your ads to get the most out of your ads.

Highlights & Features

  • Manage different types of ads.
  • ad rotation
  • ad injection.
  • Group creation of ads.


6 – Advertising manager


Ability to put ads anywhere can be most helpful for the placement of ads, you can use the widget to place ads on sidebar, footer, or anywhere you can put your ads on. This plugin has the feature to put ads in your blog post. This plugin can put ads on your template with php functions.

Highlights & Features

  • Put ads anywhere
  • Ads in the posts
  • ads code in template
  • Widget feature.



This is the list of best free ads plugins for WordPress. now you can enhance the functionality of your ads. Proper placement of ads can make a big change on the money you make from the website. you can choose the one best suited according to your needs.

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