Web Design industry Analysis – Professionals vs Amateurs [Infographic]


Web design industry is expanding constantly, there are 738 million websites on internet and the number is constantly increasing with 16 million new websites showing up  every month.

According to the infographic of webydo web design industry is of $20 billion in US. 74% of the websites are created by professionals who know about the coding and design their website in a clean and professional way. 3%  websites are made by do it yourself amateurs who are new and don’t know about designing and coding. These three percent amateurs have a fail rate of 98% as they fail to launch their website on a domain.

The developers love to use WordPress develop a website and publish it to a domain, 59% of world websites are designed over WordPress, followed by Joomla which has a 9.3% website management share and Drupal which manages 5.7%. WordPress is most popular content management system as it is easy to use as well as customizable, WordPress has tons of themes available and plugins are available for your every need. WordPress being most popular CMS has a lot of developers working on making themes and plugins for best user experience.


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