5 best free WordPress coupons plugins


Coupons are very useful to show your viewers about discount they can avail.Get coupon functionality on your website by checking our list of best free WordPress coupons plugins.


List of best free WordPress Coupons plugins

Coupons can be a word which rings the bell for having a discount on a product. There is a big market for e-commerce where millions of people buys products they need online. What can be more lucrative than have an additional discount on the products people buy. You can even have an affiliate for the products to make more money

There are many website who like to display coupons on their website, some even have a dedicated website only for coupons, yeah coupons are very powerful. If you like to display coupons on your WordPress website than you can use a coupons plugin that will help you to display coupons on your blog. This is why we created the list of best free WordPress Coupons plugins.

1 – Coupons Creator


This is one of the best WordPress coupon plugin which will satisfy the need to display coupons on your website. You can use the short code to place a coupon anywhere you desire on your website. Coupon category is the one which will help you to display the coupons under specific category.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy usage.
  • Short code feature.
  • Coupons Categories.
  • Pro version available.


2 – JC Coupon


Many E-commerce website like to hold offers which will let you have a discount for a coupon with an expiration time. This plugin will let you display an expiry along with the coupon. You can create a custom text with expiry of the coupon, after that you can include the coupon in posts or page you like.

Choose from the four colors that goes with your blog design.

Highlights & Features

  • Quick setup.
  • Coupons expiry.
  • 4 Color options.
  • Include in post or page.


3 – Magic WP Coupons


Use Magic WP Coupons to convert your normal WordPress theme to a coupon website. You can define the stores and display the coupons for the concerned stores. With a built-in system to count the clicks that people make on a specific coupon, this will help you to know which type of coupons are most used.

Likes/Dislikes function will help your users to like or dislike the coupon, with this you can increase the quality of coupons and remove the coupons which gets disliked the most.

Highlights & Features

  • Convert into coupon website.
  • Clicks counter.
  • Likes/dislike feature.
  • Display Coupons with store names


4 – NIC Discount Coupon Management


NIC Discount Coupon Management will help you manage all your coupon needs, you can display the coupons with an expiry date. There are times when a store offers a coupon with an expiry, you should display the expiry date along with coupon so that users could know that for how long the coupon is valid.

After the expiry time the coupon will display as expired, this will enhance the user trust.

Highlights & Features

  • Coupon Management.
  • Set Coupon expiry time.
  • Custom URL for external links.
  • Coupon wise tagging.


5 – WordPress Coupon Widget


To present the coupons to the relevant users of your website can increase your conversion rate. This is an easy to set up coupons plugin with which you can display the coupons with a custom message, you can even customize the call to action according to your need. This is a fully customizable plugin which lets you choose color for text, coupon window and much more things.

You can make the widget sticky so that it floats as the user scroll, language independence will help you to place coupon without being bounded by a specific language.

Highlights & Features

  • Easy setup.
  • Can make widget sticky.
  • Language independent.
  • Fully customizable.



This is the list of best free WordPress coupons plugins with which you can have the coupon functionality on your WordPress website. If you know any plugin which should be on the list then drop us a comment and we will include it in our list.

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